I need more Vitamin-C

I feel like I swallowed a handful of glass shards and razor blades. Seriously, my throat hurts, my ears are plugged, my sinuses burn and I am beyond tired. I wouldn't be such a whiner if this wasn't the second time in the past month that I have been contaminated with something. There are a million plausible reasons that I can use to explain this - I work in a house with 120 men whose hygiene is very questionable at times, making this a bit of a petri dish; also at work is a radiator that would make Dante's Inferno seem pleasant, and a window that blows cold, Boston air right into my face; add to this a bit of stress, the winter cold, and a raging social life, and you have one unhealthy Stefanie. I am trying to figure out remedies - I am going to start by getting back into my winter Emergen-C routine, or at least getting a vitamin C supplement and getting my lazy ass back into a hardcore gym regimen, since that seems to boost my immune system and keep me from being so tired. Until then, I am cracked out on Day-Quil at work and pretty much worthless to my clients; I would have called in sick but the power was out and a sick day without Tivo seemed pointless.

It's been 10 days since Matty popped the question, and I am still absolutely floating on a happy cloud (even if I do sounds like a 'broken accordion' according to said fiance!). So far I have added the Real Simple wedding magazine to my expected library of wedding planning tools, as well as some bridesmaids and a maid of honor. In Catechism classes we have been studying the Sacraments, and we talked about marriage this Monday (appropriate as this is when I got to tell my Priest the wonderful news), and this got me even more excited for our wedding. Marriage is such an important and sacred part of life and for Catholics it holds a lot of meaning about our relationship with both God and our communities, and I am so excited to enter into this with the most wonderful man in the world! Yay for engagement bliss!

I've also been volunteering my ass off and have a bunch of events coming up. I spent Saturday at the Greater Boston Food Bank; I am doing a canned protein drive for them so it was a good experience to see what their operation looks like and how desperate they are for protein to distribute (on the flip side - never donate canned cranberry to a food drive - never have I seen so much Ocean Spray!). Afterwards I dropped off donation bins at Starbucks in Washington Square, Starbucks on Harvard Street in Brookline, and Horror Business in Allston. There are also donation boxes at Northeastern University in the Sociology Department and soon to be at Our House West and Cortiva Massage Institute. Please donate something - every bit helps! I also registered for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center walk on April 5th, which I am raising money for and hope to reach my goal of $250. Also, Matty is now an official member of Boston Cares, and I am totally excited to do projects together and share one of my favorite things with him. Yay for charity work!

Work is going really well - I started a career board to help the residents here get employment and so far have received really positive feedback from them and my directors (score!). I have almost been here 5 months now, and am starting to feel really comfortable with my work in terms of confidence to answer the resident's questions and help them to my fullest capabilities. I am hoping that things continue to progress, and I can find more projects like this to work on (ie. ones that get the director's attention!).

Other than engaged bliss, volunteering and work, I've been spending awesome times with my awesome friends, though I haven't seen Emily since she has been back from her Florida vacation and I pretty much hate that. If I go just a few days without seeing her I get weird tics, but I will see her on Friday at the engagement party that my HONO (Hands on New Orleans) family is throwing for us at Cafeteria. I am totally looking forward to seeing them and them getting to spend some more time with Matty - they got to know me at such a crucial turning point in my life and I love how they get to see the pay off of working so hard to make myself the person that I am today - I get to have a fulfilling career, a lot of volunteer opportunities, and an amazing husband-to-be! Finally, I feel like I have been doing so much with my friends lately, which is awesome considering that the winter often causes us all to hibernate and not do as many things together. Mad props for 80's nights, staged bachlorette parties, birthday dinners and having dinner parties at my kitchen table. My friends fucking rule, and I love that I get to see so much of them lately.

Yay for life - even if I am sick, tired, and only halfway through the week!


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