Monday night and half a bottle of riesling.

You may be asking yourself now, "why the hell does Stef need a blog, she spends too much damn time on myspace/facebook/perezhilton as it is". Well, I have one because I need one. I get writers cramp too bad to keep a journal, and I can drink and type with much more ease.

But really, I think this will be a good way to organize my thoughts, and keep my scattered friends better posted on my life. When your closest friends span from Seattle to Spain, it can be hard to keep them up to the minute on the important things in life - like what I'm doing on any given Monday night. (The answer tonight is sitting on the couch watching the Red Sox, while Matty reads the Augusten Burroughs book I just finished, having just ate a super yummy "smothered pork chop" dish that said Matty made, and applying for jobs at the Crime and Justice Institute).

I really just plan on rambling on about my life, and sharing things that I think you ought to know like if Matty and I went for a bike ride or if Emily and I almost got kicked out of Target for making fun of people, or maybe Amy and I drank too much on any given day and spent our life savings at H&M on Newbury. These are all things that happen, and now you'll get to read all about it!

Right now, aside from the above mentioned things, I am kind of jet lagged, having just returned from LA for Nina and Dave's wedding. Matty and I made a vacation out of it - hitting up the beach a lot (we stayed in Huntington), cruising Hollywood and the Santa Monica Pier, and Disneyland!!!!! (of course). The wedding was by far the most beautiful one I have ever been to, and it was such an honor to see two wonderful people become united like that. I can't wait for Nina to get home so I can help her sort through pictures and thank-you notes!

Today was my first day back at work, and I gave a lecture for Sarah's Sociology class. Luckily that meant a half day - it's hard to go back to work after a vacation, especially when the contrast is sunny Southern California vs. grey drab prison walls and angsty sex offenders who want their papers from last week handed back. Mickey Mouse they are not.
The lecture went really well - I love that my friends are all teachers and let me come to their classes and talk nonsense to their students. The students had a lot of good questions, and we had some laughs about my "line of work".
Matty had tonight off, which never happens (another reason to hate Mondays) so we went grocery shopping and he made a yummy dinner. It's funny how blissful just going to the grocery store is when you're in love. The most mundane tasks are like a white water rafting adventure when you're with someone as amazing as I am. Seriously, the boy makes me smile like my face might fall off. He doesn't even have to do anything, though standing patiently while I decide what hippy cat litter to buy is one example of the kind of wonderful I am dealing with here. And yes, you read it right up there, smothered pork chops. De-lish bitches.
Now I am focused on packing up all my stuff, yet again, to move within a mile radius, yet again. Matty and I got a place right down the street, and even closer to the bars we like to frequent. It's really nice and I am just looking forward to having our own space and doing some nesting this fall. Nina, Emily and Amy (my holy trinity) will all be back in school, so I am going to be hosting a lot of reading/massage (yeah Em!) parties at my place. It will be a good opportunity for me to knock off a bunch of books from my "to-read" list on goodreads and start the punk-rock scrapbooking I've been wanting to do. I can also stare at any of the above while they are being scholarly and hopefully get some inspiration for this whole Ph. D decision (another blog, kiddos, don't get too far ahead of yourself). Also, Jeanne will be moving to Boston (!!!) so I get to have her but a bike ride away too. Stoked!

Well, that's all for your look into the fabulous life of Stefanie for the night. I need to get ready for some beauty rest and a looooonng day at work tomorrow.



Victoria, your bestest brit said…
Well I love this new fangled idea of yours, thinks its rather wonderous in fact. I can never know too much about what you're upto my little bundle of loveliness xxx i do quite miss you
Julie said…
RaD. Stef updates, now but just a click away. Stoked.
Call you when I get back from It-lee.
VEE said…
Stef. I love you. You are brilliant (but you know this) and I miss you.
nina!! said…
oh stef. i am so stoked you have a blog now :) finally!!! thank you so much for coming out and being a part of my wedding. it meant the world. and i second VEE!!
this blog fucking sucks.

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