Good-Bye Green Line

Tonight is officially my last night as an Allstonian. Or a Brightonian. I won't even live off the green line after I wake up tomorrow morning. No more 45 minute train rides that stop every block, no more "This train will run express to Packard's Corner". Tomorrow when I wake up I will pack the cat into his carrier, grab my purse and my husband will drive me and this baby in my belly to Dorchester, to our home, where we will have our first baby, our first wedding anniversary, where we will be "mom and dad" for the first time instead of just "husband and wife" or "Stef and Matty". I will use the vacuum cleaner Matty bought last night, the first new vacuum cleaner I have ever owned in my twenty nine years, and I will hang up pictures from our wedding, our trips to other states and time zones, pictures of our friends and our families. And on Monday I will wake up and catch the Red Line into work. It won't take too long, despite being farther and I won't see DJ Night Train or Allston hipsters on it. It will be my new train, on my new commute only a few miles from our old home but millions of miles from that day I moved into my apartment on Allston Street in Brighton six years ago. A million miles from graduate school, a painful but perfectly timed break-up, walks with my Melvin dog, opening shifts at Starbucks, nights alone wondering who I was, where I was going and what I would grow up to be. If I would have a career, a husband, a marriage, my faith, who my friends would be, if I would ever move out of this new city called Boston that I fell in love with so quickly.
Tomorrow I will wake up next to my amazing husband, who doubles as my best friend and partner in crime, with this little baby girl of ours in my tummy and my big fat cat I adopted from the MSPCA five and a half years ago. We will grab some things and go to our new home where our wonderful friends will be helping us move our furniture inherited from our families and bought together over the past three years, I will unpack our kitchen goods gifted to us from my bridal shower, engagement parties and our wedding, I will wait for our bed to be delivered, the first I have ever bought since my grandparent's bought me a bed for my high school graduation. I will put away boxes of clothes and shoes and purses and make-up that my husband spoils me with because he knows how much I love to be a girl. I will put things away in our daughter's nursery, getting ready for her big debut in four months. And when he comes home from moving and after we have pizza and beers (or ginger ale) with our friends and our fat cat we will curl up in our new bed, in our new home and I will know those answers about who I am and who I will be and thank God for it all.

Happy moving day! XoXo


Kate said…
What an amazing life! I loved this post.
Desiree Is Love said…
AWWWW! Congrats again lady :)
Ashley said…
Your so wonderful!! Much love lady and best of luck moving! Welcome to the red line!!
gardenbaby said…
This is beautiful Stefanie. I am so very happy for the three of you.

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