Inhale Exhale

I am sitting at our new desk in our guest room of our new home. The desk faces the window that overlooks our new street; I see trees and the neighbors, the baby kittens that live next door and the lawn that someone mowed while we were at work yesterday. I see my husband working on his bike, involved in his work and never the wiser that I am admiring him from inside. I cannot wait to watch this man be a father to our baby, to celebrate being my husband for a year in September, and to spend the rest of my days loving him. He really is the most amazing dude ever, seriously.

The baby is growing bigger and more livelier in my tummy. Matty can feel her kicks and stretches and somersaults. She still lets me eat spicy food and sleep comfortably, but my back and stomach are no longer options at this point. Next week will mark my third trimester. Next weekend my bestie will come up from NoHo and we will hang out and shop for girlie things together and gossip and laugh. We will be joined by other ladies I adore and Matty will be the grill master and cook us yummy things to eat. I can't wait. This weekend we are celebrating a third birthday, a marriage and a year of adoption.

Last night Kendra came over and ate grilled burgers and hot dogs (nitrate free, thank you Oscar Meyer) and we sat on our porch and laughed, philosophized and enjoyed each other, the summer, and what's to come.

Life is truly good.

Hope yours is great too.

Looking forward to posting more from my desk, putting up more pictures from my awesome camera and going out into the sunshine today.

23 weeks and growing


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