A Quick Summer Update

That's our baby girl!

Oh my gosh, it is July?! Where is the time going? Oh, maybe into moving/planning for baby/traveling/working/family/life...Things are so busy but are at the turning point for calming down, well at least as far as our life goes. Okay, I lied, the only thing that is going to calm down is that after this weekend we will be officially moved into our new place, but that really feels like it is going to make all of the other little things in my life so much easier. I am a routine person, I like to have my times that I do things and way that I do things and I feel like moving just makes everything absolute chaos - food isn't being made because the kitchen is a half-packed mess and we haven't been grocery shopping so we don't have to move perishables, evenings are spent being a tired prego lady or moving things over to the new place, and I don't want to waste time cleaning the old place but my OCD is making me not want to look at anything in our house either! The good news is that it will all be over this weekend and we will have three glorious rooms and a big ol' kitchen to stretch out in and my extreme need to nest can take over while I decorate the nursery and hang pictures and make food in previously mentioned big ol' kitchen.
I am super excited for all the room and the fact that we have been moving things over and unpacking as we go makes things so much less daunting for the big move. That king bed getting delivered also makes me really happy. And that back porch with the breeze that I just want to sit and read baby books on. Yay!!
So in addition to the moving that is going on this summer we also had a really lovely visit from my Mommy, some trips down the Cape, a really scary (but happy ending) car accident, Independence Day on the Vineyard with Megan and Julian, a non-accident related sonogram (it's a girl!!), a day of registering for baby stuff, an award winning Bacon Throwdown (go Matty!), a baseball game where I felt baby's first kick and the Sox won, fun times with friends and lots of excitement surrounding this little baby in my tummy, who I am officially half-way through baking - 20 weeks down, 20 more to go!
We have been taking lots of pictures which I promise to get up soon and I am going to get a new battery for my Mac so I can spend more time on my porch writing blogs! But just so everyone knows, summer is awesome, baby is growing big and strong and I am still the happiest pregnant lady that could possibly be!

And a happy summer to you :)


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