About Me

I'm a tattooed, marathoner mama who loves my husband, our two little ladies, my career in non profit and my lovely city. 

In my spare time (ha!) I am an avid reader, foodie, yogi, traveler and celeb gossip addict. 

I started this blog as a young transplant to Boston where I documented my fun life, my new boyfriend and all the things I loved to eat and drink and do.

Years later this is still where I document my fun life, but the boyfriend is my husband and we added a little one into the mix of everything. Then I got the running bug, one thing led to another, and I started documenting my new found love, one mile at a time. 

In 2014 we bought our first home, which is in the awesome neighborhood of Dorchester.

Grab a cocktail, have a seat and get to know this fabulous life of mine!


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