After what seems to me like the most stressful few weeks EVER, we finally got word today that our mortgage is approved and our July fifteenth closing date is on, which is awesome considering I had just emailed our landlord to let him know that we were moving out. Of course, anything can happen, but at this point it seems safer than it has been to accept that we did it! We are going to be homeowners!

It is so super exciting and I cannot stop putting things on Pinterest and looking at the Container Store website because I want to do ALL THE THINGS to our new home! But first, we really need to get a jump on that packing thing, which is a lot harder when there is a toddler around who wants to take everything out of the boxes and run away with the packing tape every time you need it.

Obviously there will be lots to come about our new home and all the things we do to it, but here are some pics off the real estate site that I wanted to share of OUR NEW HOME!

Kitchen with a DISHWASHER and recessed lighting. Sigh.

So much natural light in the living room.

And a stained glass window in our new bedroom!


Kristy Sanders said…
It looks like your kid will have a lot of fun in this new house! It's awesome that you were able to close in on this one, as it looks really great. And the stained glass window was a nice touch. Buying a new house often opens a new chapter in people's lives. I'm sure you're glad to spend those inside the four walls of this fine home.

Kristy Sanders @ Creb Now

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