Me versus Me

My favorite recovery method: sand, my family and a chair.
My body is so tired today. But I did it. Today I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed the gear that I had (cleverly) laid out for myself in the short time we were home between a race, the beach and a cook out and headed to the Y. I got into the pool, looked at the clock (thanks to my lane neighbor for recognizing the clueless looking around I was doing and pointing it out) and I swam, officially kicking off my triathlon training. One week late, but it is happening. When my fifteen minutes were up, I walked my dripping body into the locker room, changed clothes, and managed the thirty minutes in my training plan on the dreadmill.

I ran the BAA 10k yesterday and really, really pushed myself to reach a good time; unfortunately it was a crowded course and it took me .6 miles just to get through the thick of people who don't seem to understand pacing corrals, or were not honest with themselves when lining up. I hate to be that person because I know we are all there to have fun and blah blah but I had a goal and I was off of it by less than 90 seconds that could have been spared had there not been a ton of people walking and doing a 12 minute pace in front of me in the 9 minute corral. I was pretty disappointed and as the sun beat down and the course got hotter I started feeling a little defeated, but I did my best and still manged at PR. Well, I had never actually run a 10k race until yesterday so any time would have been a PR but whatever! Victory is mine!

You might notice that I rarely talk about my time or my mileage (unless I just did twenty miles and I feel like everyone should send me all their happy toenail thoughts) and it's really because a) my time is not anything to write about and b) I am so weird about competition and comparison. I did not grow up athletic and have never played sports so the idea of being competitive is lost on me. I don't get threatened by my friends (many of whom are amazingly fast) and I hope they never feel bummed out on themselves over anything I do or share that I have done. I can't stand bragging but I truly do love to hear when people accomplish something awesome, even if it is something that I have done myself. If they feel excited about it, I want to feel it right next to them. Sure, I have had pangs of jealousy at someone's time or how seamless their yoga moves are, but it is never anything about them, and I try to use those feelings to push myself harder. Say, when sprinting down Comm Ave trying not to pee my pants and not letting myself stop for water since it is only 6 freaking miles. So, I guess I am a little competitive, but the contenders are always me versus me, and usually my mind against my body, which is a pretty even muscled fight these days. 

What is my point? I have no idea! Just some random thoughts about all these new experiences on the brink of my newest experience as I start training for this tri. I really only signed up to see if my body and mind will allow me to do this, and I wanted a shorter training plan than my usual marathon training since I don't have another in my future, so who knows what the outcome will be! If anything. I am excited to get back on my bike (with my cute new helmet) which was my first love before running and something that I have really not done at all since having Maddie. I am also excited to try out swimming as a sport, which is something I have never done and have always wanted to try and reap the full-body work out benefits from. 

So here I am, one day in and pretty excited for the next seven weeks. Tired, yes. Sore, heck yes. But happy to know that this tired old body of mine can do some new tricks.

Happy Monday and happy real SUMMER! Here are some fun pictures from the rest of our weekend:

Maddie brought her giraffes to brunch with friends.
My cheerleader and me at the finish line!
Summer in a nutshell: playing, friends, fun, sun and no nap.
We made some good friends near our new house that have some pretty sweet toys!


halfassbadass said…
I wish I could have that kind of attitude- although I was never athletic I constantly find myself comparing my work to my friends and it will be the death of me... I need to learn from you! :)

Also this Thursday I have to swim during the day but let me know when you want to meet up for a lil date.

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