Around These Parts

So, I have to admit, I have no idea how I used to live with a constant state of stress like I did in my early twenties, but MAN am I remembering how bad that sucked. No wonder I was so unhappy/kind of a hot mess! I am used to my life being extremely busy because, well, it is. I do a lot, Matty does a lot, and we like to do a lot with Maddie, so our days are pretty packed but when you add the base level of constant stress that comes with buying a house, it makes it so nutty. It is so hard doing everything that we do and then having this constant buzz of stress underlying everything and taking a lot of our thoughts...but hey, we are in the process of BUYING A HOUSE and if that is not worth some weeks of stress, then I don't know what is.

In lieu of a rambling post, here is a little snippet about what has been going on around these parts:

House: We handed over the biggest check that has ever been written out of our checking account and signed the purchase and sale, so now we just wait until we close on July 15th!! Things could still blow up with our mortgage but it is pretty doubtful and we will have a better peace of mind once our check clears, meaning it is time to start calling the utility companies and getting our house packed! Yay!

Me: Work is slightly insanely busy, running is going really awesome - I have been pushing myself and doing more speed work (and I am enjoying the challenge!), triathlon training starts next week, I did yoga in Fenway, I got to see all three of my best friends one-on-one in the past seven days, I just got a batch of books from the library and figured out how to get library books on my Kindle so I am totally ready for a beach day and I decided today I need highlights for the summer.

Matty: Still the most handsome and awesome husband in the world, crazy busy with school and work, apparently should have been an architect with the way that he can make floor plans for new furniture in the new house, firing up the grill and making awesome dinners for us like a boss and going to get all the love in the world from Maddie and I for Father's Day with a road trip to the beach in Maine.

Maddie: currently absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs and telling crazy long tales about being put in trees by elephants and rescued by lions (her imagination RULES), blowing me away with her ability to do puzzles (another current obsession), eating pounds of fruit on a daily basis - I don't think she has met a fruit that she does not love, going on a train (!!!) to the zoo (!!!) with me, my AIL and her bestie Cordelia this Saturday (I think I am just as excited!).

Phew. Thanks for sticking around and sending all those happy thoughts for our new home (!!!). Here are some pictures of what has been going on around our world this past week!

Always playing!
Namaste, Fenway!

Saying hello to a fire truck post-Sunday brunch. 
Hanging at the library!
My favorites.

At her friend's birthday party this weekend!
Little crossed legs and pancakes, every morning. 

SO excited to see a fire truck up close and personal!
All ready for some puddle jumping!
Her first lollipop (loved it). 


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