Happy Friday!

I am so excited that it is Friday, especially considering I spent much of yesterday mistakenly thinking that it was in fact already here. After a night out for a work event Wednesday, family dinner Thursday, two mornings running at 5:15 with my Back on My Feet team and endless hours stressing about the new house, I am MORE than ready for this weekend.

Tonight we are meeting up with our HONO family for a much needed dinner. I cannot wait to catch up with everyone and see what kid of amazing things we have all been up to. This is such a dynamic group of people who are constantly doing amazing things with their lives; every time I get to see them I feel so energized and inspired...and full. We know how to eat good food, and tonight we are trying somewhere Matty and I haven't been.

Tomorrow I am going to get myself up early to run with the Dorchester Running Club and then take Maddie to her gymnastics class before meeting a friend and her husband for brunch. They are thinking about making the move to Dorchester and I offered to show them around and try to recruit them to the neighborhood. I wonder if I can get some sort of ambassador status from the city for this....

After Matty gets out of class on Saturday we are going to go see about ordering some furniture for our new place, which is kind of the most exciting thing ever! I have my heart set on a big ol' sectional with one of those lovely chaise ends that will make for some awesome family lounging time.

Then on Sunday I am running the BAA 10k, which I am going to try and test my new speed out at and see if I can pull a little summer PR. I have definitely not been logging the miles that I want to be with everything going on but I have been getting a lot better with my speed and hope that this 10k gives me a little kick in the pants, especially with my tri training not starting off as disciplined as it should have been this week. But hey, next week is another week and I am definitely looking forward to this new challenge, and some training dates with some friends who have been suckered into agreed to help me with my swimming technique.

So very excited for the BEAUTIFUL weather that has been gracing us with its presence in Boston and looking forward to soaking in as many rays as possible this weekend.

Have a great one!

PS. I had to share some of these adorable photos that my friend took of our littles when we went to the zoo last weekend. I want a whole book of these girls looking at animals together! Melts my heart!


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