Currently 06/18/14

It's time again for my favorite little round-up of things (which I somehow have not done since February - what?!)!

Reading: I am totally into the second book in the Chaos Walking series, titled The Ask and Answer (by Patrick Ness). The first book was awesome and this book is just as, if not even more, great. I have skimmed through some of the articles about adults who read YA and my question is this: who gives a shit as long as we are reading?! In an age where people are glued to iPhones and screens all day we should all be happy to see people of any age diving into books, regardless of who the target audience is. That being sad, I tend to really love YA books, especially these post-apocalyptic and Utopian type novels. Are they a little light/easy to read? Sure they are, but that is the point! I am looking for a good read to take me out of my own world and when I want to have my literary socks blown off I know I can pick up something else. Leave my YA lovers alone, interwebs!

Eating: Um, quite honestly, a little too much for the lower miles I have been running buuuuut (always with the but) I just started training for the Boston Tri, so I expect to get whipped back into training shape soon and balance out all the Pinkberry I have been getting a hold of.
We are pretty healthy eaters and lately I have been eating more veggies than I ever have in my life (how about that, Mom!?!). Everything is in season and yummy so I have been getting a lot of bell peppers, cucumbers, scallions and ALL the avocados at the store, cutting everything up on Sunday and throwing together huge salads to take to work each day. I love the Simply Dressed ranch dressing and the new Opa line that is all greek yogurt base. This feta dill one rocks my mouth. 

Thinking About: Our new house. Like Non. Stop. Daydreaming. We put in the last documents we needed to get to our lenders to finalize the mortgage today after a battle royal with Bank of America in which they would not let us access our funds and caused our down-payment check to bounce (woooo stress). But it is all set now and we just wait to hear that everything is all set, which is kind of the hardest thing in the world for two proactive people to do. I cannot wait to get the final okay and breath a big sigh of relief.
In the meantime, we have been having a blast thinking of how we are going to put the new place together and even Madeleine is getting excited about her new room, which she has requested to be purple with dinosaurs and trains. So awesome.

Listening: Once again Amazon has stolen my heart, this time by introducing their new Amazon Prime Music. It is so awesome and they have these really, really great playlists that you can stream on any of your devices. I have been all sorts of productive at my desk with a Miles Davis inspired playlist and cannot wait to check out some of the running playlists they have. There is one called "Hip Hop for your Commute (explicit)" which just about sums up what I love to listen to on my morning runs. Seriously, the $99 we pay to be Prime members is worth its weight in gold between this, the movies and TV shows we can access and the free two day shipping. Amazon, if you are listening, I sure heart you!

Watching: We have made the decision to get rid of cable when we move because between Amazon Prime, "borrowed" HBO and Showtime passwords and my inability to stay awake past 9pm, cable is not worth the money and can be better put towards...a mortgage! So I feel like I have already kind of checked out of watching much on cable, though I did try and get into Rome on Amazon (meh). I am pretty excited to be rid of cable but have not yet figured out how I am going to watch all of the Kardashian shows and Louis yet. First world problems, I know.

Loving: SUMMER! It finally, really, truly feels like summer here! We spent all of Sunday afternoon on the beach and Monday evening Madeleine and I met a friend on Castle Island for a run and just could not get enough of the warm weather. We ended up hanging out playing and chatting and I might have allowed ice cream before dinner and no tubbie because it is SUMMER you guys and it only comes once a year so I am going to soak in as much of it as possible. Though, I really can't wait for that central air in the new place to offset a little of that lovely warmth :)

Thanks Danielle for the Currently inspiration! 

Maddie on a hog = heart exploding cuteness.
Seriously though. The cutest.

She went on a roller coaster all by herself!

Little ladybug baby.

After a huge day Saturday she snuck into my bed early Sunday morning and slept past 8am with me. I loved it all.

Sun and flip flops, we love you!


Carolyn said…
Congratulations on your new home!, I know the stress well (we just purchased a farm in Nottingham) and I didn't want to post anything because we were in the wait and submit and wait and submit phase as well, along with inspections and contractual negotiations. Hard journey but hey one more very grown up thing learned and accomplished! I am so excited for you guys. When are you moving? We are moving mid-July and can't wait.
Your little one is so precious and beautiful!!! Really just a sweet child who is so obviously well loved. Good job mama.

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