Father's Day

Since yesterday was Father's Day and we had a whole lot of awesome family fun to partake in, I didn't get a chance to come here and wish my favorite dude a very, very happy day. But let it be known that Madeleine and I think we have the very best guy in the world for this whole fathering job and I thank God every day that I get to be on this crazy journey with such an amazing man.

My Dad passed away unexpectedly when I was five and despite having tried, I don't have any sort of relationship with any of the men who have been in the step-father role for me. It definitely makes me sad, and for some reason this Father's Day it made me a little more sad than usual.

I tend to miss my Dad the most during the big events - graduations, weddings, babies being born - but lately I have felt his absence in the smaller things. Wanting to call him and ask about painting things in our new home or wondering what kind of neat things he would want to teach Madeleine about the world. Having one parent is awesome, but having two is so unknown and terrific sounding and lately I have been feeling a little robbed that I do not get that. 

When I was pregnant Matt and I used to go on walks and talk about what type of parents we wanted to be, and what it meant to us to be a mother and a father, especially considering that Matt does not have a mother in his life and I do not have a father in mine. We hoped and planned that we would be able to be the best that we could be in our roles and be able to help each other as we navigated our new world, as any new parent does. Even before then, I always knew Matt would rule at this daddy thing, but I had no idea how much he would completely, utterly take my breath away with the love and presence that he gives our little girl.

He is patient, kind, imaginative, hands-on, loving, fun and just so amazing at this. 

So, thank you to my wonderful husband for being such a great daddy and making this whole parenting thing so much fun. We love you!


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