I am a Mommy!! It happened on November 20 at 2:37am when Madeleine Jane came into the world, into my arms, and instantly became the love of my life. She's amazing, being a Mommy is amazing, and watching Matty be a Daddy is the most incredible thing to witness.
Last night was a major milestone for me emotionally; Maddie was crying a little so I went to pick her up expecting to feed or change her as we do in the middle of the night, but as soon as I picked her up she just nestled her face into my neck, put her arm on my shoulder and quieted. She just wanted her Mommy.

That was all.

She just wanted me to make it all better.

And I did.

Because I am someone's Mommy.

What an incredible blessing.



angela said…
I meant isn't it awesome.

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