There are many strange things about no longer being pregnant. The most obvious is the fact that the little person growing inside of me is now here, in our world, in our arms and even more in our hearts. We have a baby!
Because she is out in the world means that I am no longer carrying her around in my tummy. That, is the second strangest thing. I know, I know, how totally obvious. I was pregnant one day and then the next, I was not, but it takes a whole lot of getting used to after lugging someone else around for 10 months, the latter half of them spent very obviously being pregnant (hello baby bump!).
I had a lot of fun with my maternity fashion thanks to a) being pregnant in the summer (sundresses rule) b) Destination Maternity, Gap, Target and all of the awesome options for hip clothes for the prego set and c) that I did not gain a ton of weight (despite my best ice-cream eating efforts to do so) and so I was able to mix maternity and non-maternity options, and I actually wore a lot of non-maternity items.
At 6 months pregnant in non-maternity wear

Now that I am not prego anymore I am super excited to be able to (almost) wear normal (read: non-maternity) clothes anymore! I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, and did so after only about four weeks postpartum, but that is not to say that they fit well...or without cupcake top...but with my six week check-up and hopeful clearance to get back to running and yoga, I hope to be whipping out my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans in time for Spring and my big scary upcoming 30th birthday. This also means more shopping to be done to get my wardrobe back to where I like it (read: busting at the drawers and causing my husband to shake his head at the items that still have tags while I push more things into drawers and onto hangers). It's just been so long since I have been able to shop in more than the little maternity section, I tell you!!

Because I am breastfeeding, however, my wardrobe options are still a bit limited. Lately my go-to outfit has been jeans or leggings with a nursing or regular tank top and a cardigan. H&M has some great chunky cardigans right now that I need to stock up on. I got one that is thick and has pockets (perfect for lip gloss and iPhone while carrying baby) that I put over solid dark tanks and can pair with a scarf. New England winters make all fashion a miserable blur of layers and bulky coats, but (global warming) something has made this winter pretty mild thus far so I have been able to maintain some sense of winter fashion on my trips out into the cold in this outfit/uniform.
Rocking my uniform, plus vest and hat (and Baby Bjorn) on Maddie's first T ride

I am very excited for Spring - for new jeans, dresses, skirts with boots, blazers and scarves - and am going to spend the winter months (of no-fun fashion) getting my body ready to get back into all of those delicious items. For Christmas Santa brought me an amazing hot-pink Lululemon running jacket, the Nike+ GPS system and new Brooks running shoes! I cannot wait to break them all out and go for it. Not being able to work out for six weeks now that I have this new, not-pregnant body that is no longer a chore to move around has been excruciating, and I cannot wait to run around carelessly without worrying about overdoing it or falling or doing anything to hurt my little fetus. Even though I am going to need three sports bras to do it, I am so excited to have my body pretty much be my own again. Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013, here I come! H&M on 5th Avenue, you better watch out, I am coming to shop the shit out of you oh-so-soon!

Being pregnant was awesome, and I look forward to doing it again in the future, but for now, I am totally looking forward to a long run, a good sweaty yoga class, and a major shopping trip. And while there are many exciting things about dressing while not being pregnant, by far the most exciting is this cute little fashionista. Hello Kitty leg-warmers? I was born to be a Mommy!!
Mrs. Cannot Wait to Run!


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