Happy Fourth Trimester, Annie!

My little peanut turned 12 weeks old today and I really do not know how time can go so fast because I am pretty sure we just brought her home from the hospital.

This baby is so sweet and gentle. She smiles from the time she wakes up until fifteen minutes later when she needs her first nap; did I mention she loves to sleep?

She has just discovered her hands and spends many an hour trying to examine one and fit it into her mouth while the other kind of bounces around like a little boxer's fist.

Her hair is so long and light and her eyes the most beautiful light blue with the deepest blue rim. She has at least four thigh rolls now with the most delicious chubby belly to match.

Her big sister still absolutely adores her and has been showing us what an amazing team player she is by reading to Annabel and putting on puppet shows with her stuffed animals. She always wants to include "our baby" in plans and makes sure she knows where Annabel is as soon as she is up and out of her bed in the morning.

Annabel Marie, you are one loved little lady and Mommy and Daddy can't thank you enough for your mellow demeanor and sweet, gummy smiles.

Happy three months!


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