Over the Weekend

I have to say, last week was the hardest I have had yet as a working mom of two who also trains for half marathons and likes to hang out with her friends. I am well aware that I have a lot on my plate, but last week finally came crashing around me and I spent a couple of afternoons in tears and Friday morning on the train trying to act like I had allergies when really I was just a weepy mess.

For all of the wonderful that Maddie is, she can be very, very (veryveryvery) challenging, as most three and a half year olds are, and for some reason it took last week to push me a little over the edge. Needless to say, when Friday afternoon finally rolled around I was thrilled to have the week behind me and SO excited that we had a dear friend offer to watch BOTH girls that night so Matt and I could go out on a date. Like, without one or both kids. It was amazing!

In order to get some peace and quiet that we are not used to when with the girls, we decided to go see Jurassic World in 3D IMAX (yep, and it was quieter than most Friday nights at home), The movie was awesome and both of us stayed awake! We even went to a bar and had a drink after. Amazing, right? Such a great way to end the week and press reset for the weekend.

Saturday morning I headed out with my run club for a 10 mile training run; I did 7 of the miles on my own and was able to run at my goal pace for the half I am doing in two weeks and still feel really good afterwards. I am not at my next marathon goal pace yet, but am starting to think it may not be the most impossible goal in the world to run a sub 4:30 race at 9 months postpartum....

After my run I took the girls to the Ronan Park Kite Festival where we had an amazing time. I learned that I will never spend money on a kite again because the homemade kite was way better than anything we have ever bought, and Maddie was an expert at keeping that puppy in the air! Luckily, Matt had a change of heart after his run and met us at the park instead of diving into homework because after a couple hours of chasing Maddie around with Annie strapped to me in the Ergo I was desperately needing to sit down!

The rest of the weekend was spent preparing for Maddie's first day at Vacation Bible School today (!!!), taking her to her first preschool swim lesson at the Y, hanging with Auntie Kate and preparing for a better week than last :) With how excited Maddie was for camp today, and how calm I felt on my morning run, I think we may have a fighting chance of calling last week a one off and keeping our plate just as we like it: overflowing, exhausted and happy.

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

This guy was hanging out on my long run Saturday; city deer are brave!

A girl and her kite. She ruled at this. 

Sliding down cardboard in a potato sack because WHY NOT?!

I got to sit down and snuggle this little chubs, who was loving the kites.

Sisters. I just love it.

Making pancakes with Dada before camp!

First day of camp!

My heart: KABOOM.


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