T is for Tuesday

If this were Sesame Street, T would definitely be the letter of the day.
T is for tired. I never, ever get jet lag but taking the red-eye home from LA totally screwed me up. I haven't been able to get to bed as early as I would like to, and getting up is like getting in line for a punch in the face...totally not happening. Emily and I decided that there is something going on in the atmosphere because she is also having the same problem. Even Matty and Louis have been insomniacs lately - both of whom are usually deep in snoresville by the time I roll over to tell them good night. Emily and I have decided to blame the upcoming change in weather, the full moon, and the meteor shower that is going to take place tonight (I just found out about the latter...we should be scientists Em). Tonight I really want to get some sleep, we'll see if it happens. perhaps Mr. Sam Adams in my hand will help (Summer Ale will soon be gone!).
T is for TRP board. aka. the Treatment Review Panel board at work. This is where my inmates go at the end of the program (36 mos) to have the head honchos decide whether or not they are fit to "complete" the Sex Offender Treatment Program. There is a whole lot of work they have to do before this, obviously, and they generally have to be supported by the Treatment Team in order to attain this. Today I brought someone, whose name also begins with a T coincidentally, who I believe is probably the most deserving of most men there to complete. And he did. It was one of those moments of "this is why I do what I do". The man is serving a life sentence for a very heinous crime, but he was 15 at the time and is now 34, and definitely one of the success stories that you read about in the Times or see on some sad Discovery Channel Documentary. He has used the past 19 years to become well educated, deeply spiritual, and extremely empathetic about what he did. I had met with he and his father for a support visit and was given an intimate view into the devastating world of the projects, gangs and bad choices in Boston. I am extremely happy that he has completed, and I hope that when he sees the parole board in 2010 he is able to be given the second chance at life that he truly deserves.
T is for tight. As in coming home to Matty (as if that wasn't wonderful enough) who is cooking a super, super yummy chicken dish and doing laundry and is now making my lunch for tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I really, truly have the most thoughtful and wonderful man in my life? Seriously, he takes such amazing care of me. It has been a HUGE adjustment to everything I have ever experienced, but I think I am adjusting well. I really am truly blessed to have him in my life, as I think anyone who has ever met him would more than agree too. Not only has he been an incredible addition to my life, but he is also a great addition to my circle of friends, who see him just as much as their friend as they see him my boyfriend. I could go on forever...but this is only the third blog, and I have to keep you coming back for more. Point is Matty = the best.
T is for Texas. And I ain't talking about the Merle Haggard song. Papi just hit his second three run home run in the same inning!! Better yet, it's only the 1st inning!!! Suck it Rangers. My Mom is at the Padres/Brewers game in San Diego tonight. I asked her to goose Gabe Kapler for the Washington Square Starbucks crew. He used to come in and all the ladies would run to the register and simply stare at him, the poor man. He always paid for his Venti Mild with a broken black Amex card, and he always dropped at least a buck in our tip jar. And he probably feared for his life with all of those crazy girls in green aprons staring at him. One last baseball tidbit, the new Sox pitcher, Zinck, is my new fave (aside from Papi, of course). Turns out his parents were wardens at San Quentin Prison...I wonder if they know Johnny Cash. I sure hope this dude can pitch - Lord knows we could use someone that can.
T is for tomorrow. When I will be posting more about the fabulous reality show that is my life.
Sleep tight, watch the meteor shower, and hug the people that you love.
Oh, and check out what I'll be up to this weekend.


Emily said…
Bike nerd!!
Hahaha nawww you know I secretly love all my environment lovin friends ridin their bikes!! By the way I love these already!! MWAH!

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