Biketastic Weekend, and an iphone

Wow, this was a crazy busy weekend. Here it is 8:30 and I am toast.
Friday I tried to go to the game against Toronto but, as Adam pointed out, I am the master of the rain dance, and the game was postponed. There have been two rained out games this season, and I've been to both of them. I'm from Nevada - shouldn't I have better luck? The best was definitely made out of the situation though, I was at Beerworks and there was Watermelon beer aplenty, and it gave Dave and I a lot of hang out/catch up time. Even though we live together, our schedules are pretty opposite, so we rarely get the chance just to hang out and drink beers anymore. And like old times, we accidentally drank a lot of beers. By the time they called the game at a bit past 8 we were both a little sauced. I wanted to go to JP to meet with an old friend but the combination of beer, the torrential downpour outside and the slow ass T made that impossible. Instead Emily, her Amy and I went to Deep Ellum for moscow mules (best drink ever) and super raunchy girl talk. It was awesome. After they went to go pick up Emily's sister I went to the Model to meet Matty and his co-workers for their after-shifters. I found out that one of his co-workers who is a super awesome Englishman/daddy/all-around-awesome-fella's wife is a midwife, which I think is fascinating and great. This led to lots of conversation about how cool women are over cheap High Lifes. In sum, awesome night.
Matty and I woke up fairly late (for us) on Saturday and did our usual Starbucks run, and since we were hung over we decided to go to the Apple store during tax free holiday weekend to get my iphone, you know, because that's a great idea. CLUSTERFUCK! It took us over an hour just to get inside the store. Matty and I were both born with a patience deficit, so needless to say once the iphone was in my shaky, agitated hands we sped away to the Alchemist for as many extra spicy bloody marys as we could order in one breath. Mission accomplished - Stef and Matty style.
I have to admit, I am in love with my iphone in a serious way. I have lusted after them since they started talking about making one, and didn't think it was ever going to happen, but alas, I now have another technological extension to my body. It's wonderful.
Later in the evening we rode bikes to the Common to meet up with Amy and Adam before going to the Bicycle Film Fest at the ICA. We watched a series of shorts which were super fun and ride-inspiring. Also of note was the bicycle valet and the audotorium that, once the curtains came up, gave us a beauitiful view of the Boston Harbor.
Afterwards we went to a friend's going away party and then the Film Fest after party where there was an awesome DJ and a not so awesome band, er group of kids attempting to be artsy and pass it off as a band.
Today was filled with Jeanne - who is an official Bostonian and must think that we're stalking her because we were at JP Licks when she showed up for an interview that she told us she had; brunch at Sorella's with Amy and Adam; getting a basket for my bike; a bike ride around Jamaica Pond; and most importantly, stocking up on arms for
Now it's dinner making, laundry and hanging out on the couch with my iphone and my Matty. I am seriously losing steam, so until next time, better be loading up on squirtguns and texting me on my new phone.


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