I could never be a nomad

It occurred to me today that I have moved 5 times in 5 years - that's more than some people move in their entire lives! It's stressful, tiring, and dirty...but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when you get into your new place. At least that's how it's been for me.
I always like to purge a bunch of crap when I move, it feels kind of liberating and quasi-minimalist. I somehow managed not to horde too much stuff this year, so it's been fairly, dare I say, simple. I am actually almost done aside from the kitchen and stuff that I still need around my bedroom. Not bad, considering I once decided to move without packing first and invited a bunch of people over for a blitz-fill-up-the-box-and-run party. It was ridiculous.
As of the 1st (and maybe, fingers crossed, even earlier) Matty and I will be official Allstoners. It is quite a change for me...a whole number in my zip code and no more Brighton! Good thing it's only a few blocks away...and closer to the Model, Deep Ellum and the Silhouette. I cannot wait to be moved and settled in! Having our own space and making a home is going to be amazing. Nesting mode - here I come!
In other Stefanie news, I am incredibly, incredibly addicted to my iPhone. I can't find anything that it can't do! Silly, maybe, but I'm sold. Apple can totally have my soul.
I am also SUPER excited to announce that I received a call from the organization that I really, really want to work for asking if I would be interested in another position that I didn't apply for (which is a better position than the one I applied for). I got the call on Monday night, and have yet to get in touch with the woman, but I am reminding myself that they called me and offered me the position, so it is only a matter of getting a hold of each other and working out the deets. I would absolutely love this position for a number of reasons including 1) it is in the city of Boston (fuck you commuting!), 2) it is working for an organization that I respect and is progressive and realistic 3) it deals with re-entry and re-integration into the community - which I have come to realize is something I really love. I am trying not to freak out that they haven't returned my call...but I am returning their call...so, fingers crossed, I hope to have an exciting update soon.
Aside from that I am dealing with being tired, Matty working all week, and an overall poopy attitude because my house is in boxes. On the light side, I have my iPhone, and the weekend is right around the corner. Meaning Nina and Dave's Boston reception, Matty time, and of course good times around the hood.
Until next time!


victoria said…
I like that you're getting into reintegration...but...please...

no restorative justice..

that rock still gives me nightmares

loving you
Stefanie said…
Oh Restorative Justice, if I have to hold that goddamn rock one more time just to talk...and remember the girl with the mining hat?
Oh how I miss you!
Love you my precious!

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