Merry Christmas Eve!

I hide nothing when it comes to my love of Christmas and each year as Maddie gets a little older and a little more into it the magic of the season just overwhelms me. This has been a really fun year with her, not to mention we get to have Annabel experiencing her first Christmas (wrapping paper is the BEST!).

Even though we have been super busy this year, we have spent a lot of time looking at lights, reading books, doing crafts, baking cookies, watching movies and enjoying everything that Christmas is about. Maddie has been all about it, and not all about the presents, which makes my mama heart so very happy. Even if it isn't always the case, I hope we can keep the focus on the real core of the holiday and make sure that we are also giving back as much as possible to those don't have a basement full of toys waiting for Santa to deliver them tonight (all from our friends and family who spoil my sweet girls so!). I hear it time and time again that these are the years; the magic, sweet, innocent years and I try to enjoy each and every second of it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, watching the girls with their presents, snuggling with that wonderful husband of mine and maybe even getting a nap in before Chinese food dinner with Kate (because traditions are made, not inherited!).

Merry Christmas to  you and yours! And if you are thinking of something you can get me, perhaps a donation to my Marathon fundraiser? Hundreds of Boston Cares volunteers have been active this month making meals, toys and fun a part of people's lives who may not have had it without them.


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