Happy Fall!

I'll just come right out and admit that this is probably one of the longest breaks I have taken from writing down our adventures over here and it was completely unintentional! Life got really busy, mornings got earlier and nights got really tired. But, here I am! I even have my first new laptop that is mine all mine since I was in grad school. Mac Books have come a long way in 10 (ohemgee) years.

How are you? How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty lovely - family, chosen family, food and more food. We ran our annual Turkey Trot, which was a bit of a disaster for my own running career, but I was back at it again this morning with 5 really good miles, so I will just have to redeem myself next year. I am training for another marathon - number 5 - which will be in Louisiana in January. This has been my best training yet and I chock it up to a lot more miles and a lot of time spent at the gym on my lunch breaks cross training and doing the exercised I learned in PT. I am hoping to shave about 12 minutes off my current PR, and based on my recent half marathon PR I think it might be possible!

I recently wrapped up a very fun gig volunteering on the campaign to reelect our Mayor, which was an invaluable experience for me and resulted in a very sweet victory. Last year's presidential election gave me a push to not just vote and speak my mind about issues but to also get involved with helping the candidates who I think best represent my city/state/country's interests. I have no desire to be a politician, so I could really just soak in the experience and learn about what it takes to run a successful campaign (spoiler alert: it is WICKED hard). I spent a lot of time knocking doors, talking to neighbors, and showing up to things and I was super honored to be a part of it all and to work alongside the people that I did. Congrats, Marty, and thanks for the opportunity!

Madeleine turned SIX on Monday and just like that she is more kid than little kid. I am just amazed at how awesome she is and what a smart, funny, confident, kind and just all around bad ass little human we are raising. She is learning how to read which is bringing her (and me!) so much joy and I anticipate some awesome winter days spent reading side by side cozied up under the blanket together. She remains a great artist and dancer and has also started singing in a choir which has she is enjoying. Her third season of soccer wrapped up and she cannot wait for the next, so Coach Dad is continuing to work with her and she is going to be taking a basketball clinic soon to explore that sport. She is so kind to her friends, her sister and to strangers alike and I feel so lucky to be her mama.

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am full on ready for ALL THE CHRISTMAS and we have so many fun things planned - Christmas tree lightings, decorating our house, the Nutcracker, Rudoloph on stage, the Train to Christmas town, Maddie's dance and choir recitals, Christmas movies (Maddie and I may have already watched the Grinch this week) and trying to give back to our community as much as we can.

Looking forward to making some time to visit here more, too! Thanks for reading :)


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