Fall or Revelations?

First and foremost, I dedicate this blog to my bestie Emily, who also happens to be my number one fan. We skipped out on Petco so I could put fingers to keyboard...and we were a little PTSD after going to Target on a Sunday. This is never, ever a good idea, made worse by the fact that my beautiful city is infested by terrible, loud, filthy students...thousands strong. This is my least favorite time of the year for so many reasons, including:
1) September 1st aka Boston's moving day. The day that thousands of students swarm like polo-shirt wearing locusts with their ridiculous WASPy parents in tow to clog the streets with U-Hauls of dorm-style furniture, and the ones going back to whatever mid-Western hole they climbed out of leave their entire house's furniture on the curb. Fucking nightmare.
2) Said locusts, who are free from their parents for what seems to be
the first time in their lives, get wasted on Jaegerbombs, walk around, and ensure that they are as loud as possible, especially near my window where I happen to be trying to get some sleep for the job that I spent 6 years in school for, without ever being a ridiculous douche bag.
3) The city is depleted! The shelves at Target made me wonder if there was some terrible natural disaster planned to hit the city that no one told me about. Nope, fuckheads that go to BU just really need to buy 5 bulk packs of toilet paper.
4) My friends are going back to school, or being bummed that they aren't, or being bummed that despite all those years and student loans they have to keep working a job they hate. Yikes.
As with all bad, there is a lot of good about this time of year too, such as:
1) Pumpkin flavored things: beer, ice cream, cheesecake, soup, you name it if it is made with pumpkin I am going to be consuming it between now and December.
2) Cute clothes! Sweaters, scarves, jeans, knit-things. Oh yes, time to go shopping. And the best colors - dark earth tones, orange, not lime green!
3) Football. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan, and I am about to be a "football widow", as Matty has warned me and I saw play out today during the Pat's first game. I am however a fan of beer, sitting on the couch, chicken wings, nachos, and my boyfriend yelling at the TV. What can I say - he's kind of adorable when he's telling coaches all of the mistakes that are blatantly obvious to Matty, but not the "stupid mother fucker" coaching them.
4) My friends going back to school. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many smart and talented people, and I love to see them moving forward and doing what they love. This also means I get to pirate study sessions and read fun books and drink coffee with them while they cram and write about not so fun things. Also, Emily in massage therapy school means I am going to be her number one cheerleader/volunteer study partner.
5) Pretty colored foliage, crisp weather, Halloween, Octoberfests, the NKOTB concert, curling up with books and dark wine and the new season of Lipstick Jungle!

In other Stef-centric news, Matty and I are nice and settled into our new place. It is a lovely apartment - lots of windows, a kitchen that fits an actual kitchen table, great location, and lots and lots of privacy. The first thing I do when I walk through the door is take my pants off - it's my apartment and I'll do pantless if I want to! We have done a nice job of unpacking and getting set up, merging our lives into one. Matty has been making me scrumptious dinners while I sit at the kitchen table to talk about our days, drinking wine and looking out the window at the Boston skyline. I fall asleep with a view of the Prudential on one side and the love of my life on the other - it really couldn't be any more wonderful.

Also, I have been offered, and accepted, the position that I mentioned in my last post!!! I am so incredibly excited for this opportunity and all of the subsequent opportunities that I think will come with it. I am going to sign the paperwork tomorrow, as well as notify my current position. It is going to be an exhausting process to do closure with all of the inmates, but I plan on doing it with as much compassion and efficiency as I can and closing that chapter of my life. I am so looking forward to starting my new position and hopefully making the impact that I have been longing to do for so many years.
With the position comes the unfortunate side effect of a pay cut, but after subtracting transportation costs and adding all of the time not spent driving 100 miles a day to the middle of the 'burbs it breaks pretty even. It is also a position that allows me the opportunity to move up and do an array of projects, and most importantly is something that I am super passionate and excited about. I am extremely fortunate to have a partner that puts my happiness and dreams at a much higher priority than our checkbook, and gives me the support and love that is necessary for this exciting change.

A couple more weeks of exhaustion and stress are imminent, but I am looking forward to that bright, shining light at the end of this tunnel.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last of their summer and getting ready for a productive and peaceful fall.



Emily said…
1st one to comment!!! Dude I am your number one fan! Ha ha or I waste toooo much damn time in the internet...Naaahh I thinks it the 1st one. Yay for pumpkin stuff and earth tones!!!!


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