The holiday season is definitely here, I can tell by my jam packed schedule, the Christmas cards in the mail, the ones I need to get sent out on the table, the mass baking going on in our kitchen, holiday parties every other night, the onslaught of phone calls from relatives, and an overall feeling of...bliss?
Yep. Let me explain.
I was talking to Nina on the phone last night, something that doesn't get to happen nearly enough, and she was telling me what she's been up to (grad school finals up the wazoo, working too much, taking care of the hubby) and as I was telling her what I've been up to (baking cookies to make yummy plates for co-workers, decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, having a glass of wine) she fell silent before pointing out the fact that I am in total domestic bliss. The words "I haven't really been out, I've got so many cookies to bake and I need to wrap Matty's presents, and I've got this volunteer project next week" did not fall on deaf ears, and I was so glad to have Nina on the other end of the line. She is someone who just gets me, and understands me in a way only two So Cal girls can, and she is someone who has a great talent for pointing out the really important things in life. Things like: this is it, this is what I've always wanted, and this is what I get to have, because I deserve it, for reals.
I've been battling with this new found stability in my life - something that I have really, truly never had. My childhood was absolute chaos, and myself and others maintained that throughout my teenage years and well into my twenties, well into, well just this year, when everything seemed to kind of fall right into place. The trick is now to allow the stability to continue and maintain it's components, without creating undue chaos, which is a lot harder than it may seem. I have to accept that this is how things are and quit waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for someone to pull the rug out from under me, or whatever catch phrase works best. I have to simply accept that this is the product of what I have worked for, and although I still have to maintain and keep working to move forward, I can finally stop looking over my shoulder into the past. It isn't going to come back and get me, I've already lived it, and I cannot allow that part of me to take away the joy I get from the present. The past is the past and what is done is done, and I really wouldn't trade my life for any one's. It has made me who I am, and given me reason and passion to do the things that I do, and most of all, it allows me to appreciate what I have and what I will continue to have as my life continues to move forward. And forward it will go.
This weekend Matty and I are going to his company's holiday party, appropriately being held at the Museum of Science. I got a super cute silver, sparkly shrug at H&M that I am going to wear over my favorite little black dress, new fishnets and all purpose shiny black heels, making me some pretty fabulous arm candy. This is all happening after Emily, Amy and I go to Ikea and some pizza place in Stoughton that is supposed to be phenomenal tomorrow afternoon.
I am going to spend Sunday at church, baking more cookies, finishing my Christmas cards, and getting presents wrapped and under the tree or on their way to Nevada. I am also expecting a visit from Nina for sugar cookies, Christmas Blend, and girl talk. Sunday night we are going to see the Ducky Boys and the Pinkerton Thugs at Harper's Ferry, and hopefully we'll be meeting up with some of Matty's friends and doing jaegerbombs like rock stars.
Speaking of jaegerbombs, on Wednesday night our friend Tom invited us to his Christmas party at The SideBar to take advantage of free food and Tom in a Santa costume, both of which we truly enjoyed. As an added bonus for the night, I found out that I seriously like jaegerbombs, and I won a brand new digital camera in the raffle! This comes just days after Matty and I put up our gorgeous Christmas tree and minutes after my Mom called hounding me for pictures that I couldn't provide due to no camera. Problem solved! It was such perfect timing - and we've been snapping lots of Holiday-licious pictures, which I will post a link to this weekend.
Next week is another super busy week - Catechism class, volunteering at Room to Grow, dinner with my friend Ali, more Christmas shopping, an "ugly Christmas sweater" party and a date with Matty to see the Nutcracker!
Busy, busy, busy but I couldn't be happier. I am deeply, truly in love with the most wonderful man in the world; I have the greatest and most supportive friends; I get to spend my free time volunteering with amazing people and organizations; I don't hate my job (and I have one, which is not the case for more and more people) and there's only 13 days left until Christmas!!
I hope you're all enjoying the season, and that you have love and peace in your hearts.


Jon said…
I will leave you my address. Send cookies. As long as you're that happy, baking me some shouldn't be any problem. ;-)
Stefanie said…
Don't tempt me - I will totally send you cookies - with ribbons and everything!
megan said…
do NOT do any more jaegerbombs. you will thank me for this later.

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