Busy bee me

I am taking advantage of this eerily uneventful day at work to play a little blog-catch-up, so here goes...

Reno was amazing. I seriously could not have had a better time. Matty and I had so much fun together (as usual) and everyone loved him as much as I knew they would - he is kind of irresistible that way. It was awesome to see him bond with my family and friends and allow him to get to know even more about me. I feel like it has made our bond even stronger, and that he gets it, not like he didn't, but now I know for sure that he totally, 100% gets me. My Dad put us up in a beautiful sweet (which would have run us a few grand) for a few days at no cost but his company; we went to San Fran, Tahoe and Virginia City, it was just awesome. I feel a lot better about things with my Mom and am looking forward to going out there for Christmas this year to be with her. I am also trying to convince her to come out to Boston this summer sans-Bob for a little lady time, but we'll see if that happens.

Work is crazy as usual, but even more since I decided to step it up and put my all into this job and trying to work my way up the ladder. Things have been pretty chaotic and there have been a lot of tears shed and voices raised, but I really think that there is a new leaf being turned over at the House, and I am trying to be one of the leaders in that change. All I can do is give my all and hope that it isn't in vain; if all else fails at the end of the day at least I have the comfort of knowing that I am doing the Lord's work by coming into work every day.

Speaking of JC, I have my Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion this Saturday! I am super excited to take this passage and am lucky to have a whole lot of support in doing so. Matty, my friends, and Father Harkins have been a blessing and I am excited to have everyone together for the grand finale. I was a little nostalgic thinking about not having that time every other week with Father Harkins, but I know that I am always welcome to chat with him and I plan on volunteering at my Church now that I am going to be an official Catholic. It will be nice to give back for the priceless lessons that Father Harkins has given me, and hopefully it will encourage others at my Church to step it up and get involved too.

Today I sent of my application and materials for the Civic Leadership Institute, so now I am playing the waiting game to see if I am accepted! Classes don't start until June, but I am super eager to find out if I get to do it! My great friend Nyna wrote me a beautiful letter of recommendation and I worked super hard on the essays that I had to submit, so I am thinking positive and hopeful that I will be accepted. I'll keep you posted!

Gosh there is just so much, I can't believe I have been such a neglectful blogger! Other random tid-bits that are making my life as exciting as can be:

I got a new Bianchi Pista!! After many months of Matty scouring the Internet for the most perfect one he found one in absolutely perfect condition for a ridiculously cheap price, and we picked it up on Sunday! It's a super fun ride and I can't wait to bomb around town on it once this crappy weather turns. I am also overwhelmed with all of the pink accessories options - pedals, grips, headsets - I can see now why Matty spends so much time and money on his bike - it's kind of awesome. Now if I can only find some Hello Kitty accessories....

Emily and I did the Walk for Change for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center last Sunday, and I was able to raise $280 for them! I have awesome friends! The walk was super fun and it was a beautiful day to be on the Charles. I though a lot about the men and women who I came to know of through my work at the Mass Treatment Center and I definitely kept a lot of those stories close to my heart as I walked.

It's also the official start of Baseball Season (aka my favorite season). Dave is taking me to a game against the Yankees the week of my birthday and I cannot wait!!! I think this will be my first game of the season, which is an awesome start. I am going to try (kind of) to not get us kicked out this time. Ooops. Stupid Yankees fans.

Other than that - Matty and I have been cooking up a storm (well, I have been eating and cleaning it up) with lots of pork and lamb recipes. We made some super yummy strawberry cupcakes for Sergeant O'Shea's birthday lunch last weekend, which I think made him like me even a little more. Tonight Matty and I are going to see The Faint at the new House of Blues, tomorrow Amy and Emily and I are going to a Sex Trivia sponsored by Planned Parenthood (we are going to own that shit), and Friday is an Easter egg dying and Peeptini drinking party at our place.


More introspection and such to come, once I can catch my breath.

Happy and peace-filled Easter!



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