Mondays: The Weekend's Dirty Little Secret

I have created a new word to describe this past weekend: rockstartastic. It was just that fun, and I was just that done by the time I crawled into bed last night, loathing the fact that Monday was undoubtedly going to be way less awesome than the weekend.
Beakey, my dear, dear bff-in-law-to-be (another Stefanie created term of the day) turned 30, and requested to do it up in Allston with me and Matty. We started with dinner at the Fat Cat, hands down my favorite place to eat that isn't La Paloma in Quincy, and then headed back to the city limits in time to get a table at Deep Ellum and continue the barrage of drinking. As all good nights in Allston end, so did we at The Model, whiskey soaked and cigar smoking until well past the time our brains actually stopped creating functioning thoughts. Fast forward a few hours when Matty and I woke up on our couch to Billy Mays yelling at us through the tv, with leftover Irish pizza in hand, and 5:30 glaring at us from the clock....mission "have an awesome 30th for Beakey" accomplished.
By the Grace of God (literally) Matty and I made it to the 10:30 Mass, then had the pleasure of brunching with the fella in Emily's life at the Alchemist the next morning, and after enough bloody marys, we were ready to go pick Beakey up and give him a ride back to Quincy. Funny thing happens when you go to the Silhouette to pick someone up in the middle of the afternoon though...sometimes you have to see what's at the bottom of a few pints before you can leave. Something about being at the Sil with Matty and Beakey, absolutely hungover/transitioning into day drunk, and talking to a ridiculously adorable old Irishman made for one of the best Sunday afternoons I have had in a long time. We were pretty much the only people there, aside from the people that are there 24/7 and have been since the Reagan administration, and just couldn't seem to pull ourselves away from the glow of the popcorn machine and the sticky mystery on the top of the bar...until we decided to go back to our house and watch Deadwood and eat nachos, of course. Because nothing says old west like hint of lime tortilla chips with mozzarella cheese and Pacificos.

So now Monday and I meet again. Work is actually pretty uneventful, probably because I was here so late on Thursday and Friday and am pretty caught up with all of my resident's issues. I am trying to productively utilize my time by getting homework for CLI done and get our first group meeting for our group project set up. I am also trying not to pick up Breaking Dawn out of my (new $3.98 Target) bag and finish reading it because I am at a super good part and really want to feed the inner teenager in me and finish this damn series! I am going to bail the hell out of here at exactly 4 so I can go to the gym and then get home and do some of the things that I maybe could have done yesterday (laundry, cooking, etc.). I am also totally hoping that my new Baileyworks courier bag is waiting for me when I get home! I can't wait to put a bunch of stuff in it and ride around and look awesome! I have fairly busy week ahead of me - volunteer shift in Mattapan tomorrow, a BBQ at a friend from Suffolk's house Wednesday, and lots of time back at the gym to get ready for a Martha's Vineyard Labor Day!



Beak Wilder said…
I just came across this now!

That was, by far, one of the best Sundays I have had in a long time.

What a blast that weekend was!!!

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