It's officially my favorite time of year! I love the Fall in New England - the crisp weather, apple picking, Oktoberfests, breaking out the hearty recipes! It's seriously my favorite, despite the ridiculous influx of students even!

Summer was amazing. The best Summer I have had since I went to Europe and Hawaii after graduating from Suffolk, and I got to share everything with my favorite person, which makes it that much more amazing.

I didn't go far from home, but that in no way impeded on the incredible sites and sounds and foods I was able to partake in. I got to explore a lot of New England that I have never seen - multiple trips to the Cape, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, and even some bike trails and beaches near the city that I've never been to. Matty and I rode bikes, drank beers, and ate an ocean's full of seafood in every town we visited, further solidifying the already solidified fact that I am absolutely marrying my best friend. We have so much fun together and travel incredibly well together, which is a rare thing to find in a loved one. It was seriously such a blast; so much so that I am excited for the Fall and have no regrets saying goodbye to Summer.
I am trying to hunker down and nest a little right now, towards the end of August it got to the point that I had absolutely no free time and had something going on pretty much every day after work in addition to the jam packed weekends. I know, I know boo hoo my social life is so full; it's definitely a blessing, but I have a tendency to stretch myself way too thin before I say no to one event. Lo and behold, I am on week two of simply going to the gym and going home after work, which has been really nice (and is reflected in my falling jean size!). I am still cramming my weekends with all sorts of good stuff, but at least I feel like I have some time to do my own thing a few days a week.

That being said - I have a lot going on this Fall! We had the most lovely engagement party thrown for us last weekend at Church (the reception site, not the ceremony site), filled with friends and family and love. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off the next 365 days of wedding planning and preparation.

This weekend Matty and I are riding 50 miles in the Hub on Wheels, 20 more miles than we did last year. I am a little nervous and tend to doubt myself and my capability to do this many miles, but I had the same trepidations last year and still rocked out 30 like no one's business. I am also much better equipped this year - different bike, better gear (including the ass-padded bike shorts, a lesson learned after last year's 30), and I am in overall better shape since I have been seeing a personal trainer every week and spending lots of time on my bike and on the treadmill. I am totally looking forward to it - both the fun of riding around the city with Matty and the sense of accomplishment that comes after. The Hub on Wheels raises money for technology in the Boston Public School System, and I am still taking donations (please!).

Next week my dear friend Bridget is coming to visit for a few days, which I am so excited for! I love showing people around my city, and I plan on taking her to the Sam Adam's Brewery, the Museum of Fine Art, the Boston Common and Public Gardens, Newbury Street - all the good stuff! It will be so nice to get to spend some time with her, and try to convince her that she needs to move out here and be my neighbor.

And finally on October 8th Matty and I are off to Chicago for Riot Fest! Neither of us have ever been to Chicago, and we have an awesome guide that my friend Jon created for us, so we are super excited! We also get to see The Murder City Devils, The Dead Milkmen, 7 Seconds and a whole slew of other bands I never thought I would get to see again. Stoked!

Throw in some Oktoberfests, Civic Leadership Institute classes, lots of cooking and baking, Emily's graduation, Halloween and our annual pumpkin carving party, and Fall is looking pretty awesome!

Happy Fall to you and yours!



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