I Do Not Blog Enough

This is true, and I really do want to change it. I love having somewhere to track my adventures and share my life and I like looking over past blogs and most of all, I love keeping up with people by reading their blogs and get sad when they don't post regularly (hello hypocrite I am!). So, instead of droning on about why I haven't been blogging enough, let's play catch up and move forward with a better blogging habit!
Here are the most important things I have been up to (aside from partaking in my famous Peep-tinis last night, which I have posted as a reminder to stay away from sugar today to avoid diabetic shock):
  • Planning our wedding! Everything is going smooth - we have a Church, a reception (at the other Church), a stationary company that makes everything with bikes on it, and two people who are insanely in love. Now we are focusing on getting the money in our savings account, which is by far the least fun and most stressful part of wedding planning, but we are getting there. 5 and a half months till wedding day!
  • Looking for a new job! This is also not fun, especially since I really love the work I do and the population I work with. However, I am not a huge fan of the organization I work for and am becoming increasingly frustrated in their lack of response to my wanting to move up or be compensated fairly. I understand that there is not a lot of money in human services, but when your colleagues are way less educated and experienced than you and make as much money, something is off. There are a few bites to my searching bait, so I hope I have more to say about this soon!
  • Being Catholic! It is the end of Holy Week, and I have spent a lot of time at Church lately with my very awesome new(ish) friend Kendra and Matty. We have an amazing group of young, hip Catholics that did the Arise program together and we have all sorts of fun stuff planned (volunteering, hiking in the Blue Mountains, saving up to go to Rome someday!). I love having a tight group of people who are young, hip and devout Catholics (a rare thing these days) and I think it has breathed new life into our Parish, which is mostly very, very old people. I am also 39 days into no celebrity gossip. That's right, I gave up Perez, People, Us Weekly, E! News - everything. It has been...well...different and I have had a lot more time on my hands to do work at work (crazy!) and have become very aware of how much time and energy and care I put into my celeb gossip addiction. I am absolutely going to go back to it tomorrow, but I may do it just a little bit less. Maybe.
  • Getting fit! I have been spending a lot of time at the gym getting healthy and strong and closer to fitting into a wedding dress the way that I want to. Since the Fall I have lost a little over twenty pounds, and I hope to shed another twenty or less, depending on what it looks like on me. It feels good to be in such awesome shape - to feel my muscles in my legs and be a speed demon on my bike without needing to rest. I am trying to ride 2800 miles this year (100 for every year I have lived) and so far am a little behind on where I should be, which I plan on remedying now that the sun has made a debut!
  • Getting ready to head to New Orleans! We leave on April 18th with 40 other Boston Cares volunteers to spend a week at Hands On New Orleans volunteering! I cannot wait to go back and see where the city is at in the rebuild process; I know that it won't be as far along as I would like, but I also know that amazing strides have been made due to the awesome volunteer presence that continues to happen. I can't wait to lend a hand and I am so excited to have Matty there next to me. He is going to love New Orleans and I am so excited to get to share this experience with him.
In other news, I am spending today riding my bike around to run errands since it is absolutely beautiful out. I am going to H&M to see this dress that I think I need for Easter, making Cadbury Mini Eggs Nest cupcakes for Easter brunch with my O'Shea fam tomorrow, and going to celebrate my favorite 1 year old's birthday (happy birthday Roman!) in East Boston (no, I am driving there, I need Matty to leave Boston proper city limits on a bike). Tonight I am reading at the Easter Vigil, an amazing honor made even more significant by the fact that at last year's Easter Vigil I was baptized, took my first communion and was confirmed. I can't wait for the Vigil, which is such a beautiful and emotional Mass, and I am excited to go get food and hang out with my favorite Catholics afterward. Tomorrow we are going to the annual O'Shea Easter Brunch, sneaking in a bike ride while the sun is still hanging around and then...Opening Day at Fenway Park!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely and blessed Easter, no matter what your beliefs, and that at least the Easter Bunny brings you lots of good stuff!!



Beak Wilder said…
What in the world did you do to my stereotypically angry and alienated punk rock friend?

You just had to go and make him a wicked nice person, didn't you?

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