The Employment Line

I just accepted a job offer! I am going to be the newest Case Manager at Community Work Services. I am so excited to be back in the real world and, more importantly, back to helping people!
I think that this job is going to mesh really well with where I am at in my life. The work day always ends at 4:30, there is early release on Fridays and the day before holidays (of which there are 11 paid!), and there are no weekends or on-call shifts. This schedule is awesome because right now all I want to focus on (aside from work) is being married and jumping back into volunteering. Now that I am not directly working with the prison population I plan on joining an organization that goes into the prison to do tutoring and mentoring with inmates; this is something I have wanted to do for years but did not want to burn myself out by doing it in addition to my work with them. I am also going to diligently seek a board that I can become a member of, hopefully in the area of animal or child welfare. A regular work schedule is going to allow me to pursue these things, and leave me time to be a super awesome wife who isn't over-worked and over-stressed from working in a negative and abusive environment.
The holidays (which are right around the corner) are my most favorite time for volunteering, and it also means lots of baking and crafting and time with friends and family, and I feel like this position is going to allow me to enjoy this to the fullest. The environment at CWS seems super positive and the Case Managers I met and talked with seemed really happy and upbeat about their work-life. The building is gorgeous (and oh so close to Beer Works on Canal Street if anyone wants to meet me for lunch!). I get to build my resume by working with a totally new population and new agencies and I get to help people! My favorite thing of all time!
I have to thank my wonderful fiance for allowing me this time to be out of work because there was no way this would have happened if I was still rotting away in my previous position. I got to really focus on getting my resume and cover letters out, preparing for interviews, and relaxing! I have not had this much time away from work since I graduated from Suffolk in 2007 and went to Europe on my backpacking excursion, and I really didn't realize how much I needed this until it happened. I have spent a lot of time catching up with my friends, working on wedding plans and working on my tan at the beach and I feel so ready to jump into work and give this organization the best of Stefanie. None of this would have been possible without Matty and I cannot wait to be his blushing bride in just 47 short days!!
Huge thanks too to all of my friends who encouraged me, looked over my resume, sent me job openings, bought me lunch and kept telling me the things I needed to hear as I navigated my way to this position. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and I love you guys to pieces.
Well, since I have four days left of unemployment, I have to get a lot today, Martha's Vineyard with our dear friend Julie this weekend...and I definitely need to take some of our wedding gifts for a test drive in the kitchen! A Stefanie's work is never done!!!


PS. I made those cupcakes last night when I got home from the beach!


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