There's a baby in my belly!

It's true!! Matty and I made a baby, and it's growing and thriving in my tummy right now! As of today I am 12 weeks and going into my 13th (helloooo 2nd trimester) and I am feeling great. I have been ridiculously lucky and have not had any morning sickness or crankiness or emotional breakdowns at all. The most significant symptoms I have are being super, duper tired and a bout of hormonal acne that is bringing me back to my high school days. Both of these things are supposed to fade out this trimester, and I am going to see my dermatologist to get some prego-friendly goods for my face. Considering the many (many, many) stories we have all heard/seen/read/experienced about what being knocked up is like, I think I am making out like a bandit with this pregnancy so far.

Since this is the first time I have been able to shout it from the rooftop, I give you my little story on how we found out there was a baby on board:

March 14th was a Monday that followed a pretty crazy weekend. I had gone to visit Amy in Northampton on Saturday night and we drove up to a show in Vermont and then went out for a bit in NoHo afterwards. The being out didn't last long since I was super exhausted and the last beer I ordered (a cream stout of some sort) didn't even appeal to me and I actually left behind a full beer on the counter! That next morning Matty and I had a brunch with our church group and a speaker coming to talk to us about the rosary so I had to get up super early and fly down the pike to get home in time for the 10am Mass. After all of that, I then had a date with my Little to go ice skating, so after best hour long nap ever I was back out the door to ice skate with a 9 year old. By the time Sunday was over I was literally crawling into bed, and when I woke up for work the next morning I literally just could not do it. I was exhausted, I hadn't been able to do my usual pre-work week organizing and I knew it was going to be a big week with St. Patty's coming up, so I just gave in and called out and went right back to bed. I slept well until the double-digits and it was glorious.

When I woke up I decided to get some things done around the house and then head to Target for a little retail therapy. Also, since Matty and I had been actively trying to get pregnant, I decided to pick up a pregnancy test just in case so that I wouldn't spend the week celebrating St. Patty's and find out afterward that I had a Jameson soaked baby. I had only been back from visiting my family on the West Coast for a couple of weeks, and I had started my period while I was away (my 1st since stopping a 14 year birth control practice) but I wanted to be sure. There was a three pack on sale too, and you all know I love a bargain. I picked up some shamrock boxers for Matty too, for good measure, and even texted Amy that I was being the ultimate Irish wife with my Target purchases that day. I got home and had to wait for Matty to get home from work, which was literally the longest few hours ever. I didn't actually believe that I was pregnant, but I wanted the anticipation to be done so I could stop thinking about it. I picked Matty up and even had the conversation with him that it was pretty unlikely that I was going to be knocked up so soon so we needed to not get our hopes up and just focus on trying (wink, nudge). So we got home, I peed on the stick and stuck it on the bathtub and stared at the door from the living room for the next few minutes (which felt like hours). I could barely wait to look at it and I was so excited going into the bathroom that you might have though there was a gang of English bulldog puppies waiting in there for me. We walked in and looked at it, and there it was:

*sorry for the pee shot, but I was freaking out when I took this!

Baby!! Matty and I were going to have a baby!! Was it the praying of the rosary or the extra sleep or maybe that fresh San Diego air? Or maybe it was all that fornicating with my husband? Whatever it was - there was a baby in my belly!!
We laughed, I cried, we double checked, I triple checked, we hugged and we kissed, and then I did what any Irish wife would do, I went to the kitchen, threw on my apron and started dinner while making my husband a nice, stiff drink.

And that, folks, is how we found out that we are going to have the biggest, best, most challenging and most rewarding addition to our family.

Next time: how we told our family and friends and our trip to Florida with a baby on board.


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