The Awesome List

Make way for ducklings!

Things that are awesome in my life right now (not necessarily in order of their awesomeness):

  • My Mommy is on a plane on her way to Boston! Right now! And she will be here for a week. She hasn't seen me since I have been pregnant, so it's super exciting that she will be here to rub my belly and eat ice cream with me.
  • We aren't homeless! Not only did we find a place to live but it has so many great things: it's a 3 bedroom, which means a spare bedroom for family and friends to have extended visits (especially after the baby comes and I will need them more than ever), it has porches and a yard, it is deleaded, it is gorgeous and freshly painted/stained/cleaned and it is not in Allston!! It is all the way in Dorchester where there are no college kids and there is actual diversity and there are real Bostonians. Yay!
  • Today marks the official start of Pride Week in Boston and my co-workers and I went to watch the flag raising and show our support - I can't wait for the parade next weekend! Love you, my gays!
  • It is National Doughnut Day and Dunkies is giving away a free doughnut every time you buy a drink. Okay, this isn't that awesome because my awesome co-workers also gave me theirs and I feel kind of gross in my tummy. How is it that I am 15 weeks pregnant and haven't gained a single pound? This baby is keeping me worked out!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you get a chance, go out and enjoy some of the fun events of Pride, and be sure to go see the famous ducklings dressed in their Bruins jerseys (I can't wait to go get pictures for the nursery).



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