Fall!! Oh, wait...Fall!?!?

We went to Niagara Falls and it was beautiful and breathtaking and wet.

I know that Fall doesn't technically begin until the end of the month but the crisp air and the pumpkin flavored coffee has me so excited for my favorite season! I love the Fall, especially in New England; apple picking, pumpkin flavored things, scarves and sweaters, Halloween and the O'Shea Annual Oktoberfest party; Halloween and Thanksgiving (candy and gluttony) and...oh my God, wait...Fall...then that must mean....holy shit, we're having a baby! (cue tire squeals)

This little person who has been growing in side of me, and who is currently bopping and kicking and squirming around, is going to be here in just a few more months, and we just cannot wait to meet her. This week we toured Mt. Auburn where I will be giving birth and it really, really hit me that there is a period of time between being pregnant and cuddling our little girl; namely, that somehow I have to get this little baby out of me as healthy and safely as possible. I am very happy with our decision to birth at Mt Auburn; the birthing and delivery and postpartum rooms are gorgeous, they have room service for Mommy and Daddy and they are very on par with the way I want things to go - no medical interventions unless necessary, lots of freedom to move around and squat and sway and roll around the birthing ball and immediate skin-to-skin contact and constant bonding time for the three of is. I am feeling really good about laboring and am going to dedicate this next few months to getting all the rest I can, going to yoga and walking around the neighborhood as much as I can, and spending time with that fella who is going to be known as "daddy" pretty soon. There is no way I can predict how things will go, but I pray every day for the end result of a happy, healthy baby and a happy, healthy me - no matter what it takes.

We need a baby to dress up, Louis is getting sick of it.

This weekend is Labor Day and instead of going away like we usually do, we are going to stick around our homestead and work on the nursery, do some decision making on day cares, spend some time with friends and sleep in all three days (well, that is my goal, at least). I finished reading The Help last night (it took me less than a week, I really enjoyed it) and Matty says that he will take me to see it, and he is easily persuaded with movie theater popcorn, so I think that may happen. I am also in serious need of new flats (so long for now, sandals) and a maternity LBD for our upcoming anniversary dinner!

In 10 short days it will be our one year wedding anniversary!!! It's so fun to think that this time last year I was pulling together the last minute details for our wedding - getting flower orders confirmed, spending hours at the gym, day dreaming about wearing that big, beautiful dress and now here I am working on a nursery, waddling around the house mumbling about diaper shelves and funfetti frosting cravings and loving my husband more and more every day. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a strong, happy and fruitful marriage and get to wake up next to my best friend everyday. Being pregnant with his child has brought us even closer together and his willingness to take care of me and help me out without making me lose my independence these last seven months has been a blessing; I always know I can ask for his help or go to bed at 8 without a sideways glance because he knows how tired I am, and I can't wait to see him take care of our little girl and be the best daddy in the world to her.

Until then, we are going on a babymoon/anniversary trip to Captiva in a couple weeks to lay on the sand and sleep and eat and do a whole lot of nothing in the warm sun!! Maybe when we get back I will break out some scarves, and my new Fall maternity jacket and actually put those flip flops away. Until then, mama needs a new pair of maternity shorts!!

3rd Trimester O'Shea


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