Date Night!

Since having the baby Matty and I have been lucky to make it out for a date night once a month, though it took us until the third time out to really let loose and not inhale our food and rush back as soon as possible. I have to admit, it was pretty awesome just to relax and enjoy each other, to talk about work and dreams and gossip (my favorite topics, especially the latter two) and to allow Maddie to have her fun time away from us too (ie. getting spoiled with love by her Grand Aunt).

We decided to get dinner at the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square as we had been meaning to go there since they opened, but someone was pregnant for 9 months and couldn't have raw oysters, which is the whole point of going there, if you ask me. The spot itself is really well thought out and resembles being down the Cape in an artsy, modernist sort of way. There is a huge mural of the shore on one wall and oysters in cages line another wall while dozens of cans of Narraganset line the bar walls. Very clever and very much things that I like! The oyster selection was aplenty and there was more than one entree that I wanted to eat right then and there (I only had one!) The beer and cocktail menus also had a lot of yummy pickings but I went with an Old Cuban (called the Air Mail here), which ended up not being my last for the evening...more on that later. Our food was delicious, our conversation was adult (as in, not only about diapers and things that end in eeee sounds) and we only looked at pictures of the baby once...okay and we watched one video but Matty hadn't seen it yet!

Mmmnm oysters!

After dinner we decided to go to Eastern Standard for a drink and despite it being crowded we got seats at the bar and I ordered myself another Old Cuban (so good!) while Matty discovered a delicious whiskey called Fighting Cock, which we researched and found to actually be inexpensive (and not hangover inducing...miracle!). We sat and enjoyed our drinks, exchanged banter with our awesome bartender and just enjoyed ourselves. It was really, really wonderful. I highly recommend marrying your best friend because it makes life really great on nights like these (and every other day and night really).

Mmmmm Old Cuban

After Mama had another Old Cuban (this makes three now if you have lost count, exactly three more than I have had in the past year) and one beer (which brings the total to two for the night) we decided it would be a good time to get going and enjoy some fresh air, some canoodling and the anticipation that builds when we get to go pick up our sweet little baby girl after a few hours away. Needless to say I got a good night's sleep last night and woke up with absolutely no desire to get out of my yoga pants or leave the front porch, which is exactly what I did. And I snuggled with this little face

And now it is my last weekend before going back to work. Lots of emotions are stirring around but I am going to enjoy the sunny weekend, my massage on Monday and the two people who I love the most in the world.

Hope you have a great long weekend!


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