Work, Mommy, Work!

Baby Girl enjoying the hotel room bed

Last Tuesday was my first day back to work (Mardi Gras, coincidentally) so I spent most of Monday evening packing and checking and thinking and packing more, preparing for my big day as though it was my first day of school (I even had a back-to-school zit pop up, just like high school!).

I showed up to work on Tuesday morning with three bags full of stuff - breast pump, lunch, bulldog puppy calendar - you know, the necessities. I also had dry eyes. Like, no tears at all. Nor have I had them yet. In fact, I can say with confidence that it is good to be back to work. Crazy, right?

The thing is I love my job. And I have awesome co-workers who decorate my cube and give me hugs and check on me and let me show them twenty five pictures of Maddie doing the same thing over and over and they smile and fuss over her with me. I love them, all of them, I really do. I also have an awesome boss who urges me to slow down and ease into work again (which is such a weird concept to me). And I have an awesome husband who is completely one half of this parenting duo and awesome friends who love me and sent me texts and emails to make sure I wasn't in the bathroom crying my eyes out with one of Maddie's socks. (I haven't done any bathroom crying, but I am reserving my right to do so, just in case I have one of those days, which I am sure I will, and I am totally okay with that.) Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love our nanny? Because I do. Maddie gets totally smiley faced when she sees her and is happy as a little clam when I get home because she has had such a fun day with her nanny and her little buddy that shares her with us. It's so wonderful and worth every single penny to know that my baby girl is at our house soaking up the love in safe hands all day.

Last week was also just really busy for us despite me being back at work, but somehow we all made it through in once piece and had an awesome little weekend getaway together including Maddie's first hotel stay. She was an adaptable little trooper and followed her exact same sleeping patterns and went to bed at the normal time, woke up quietly throughout the night just to nurse, and then woke up at the normal time with a big grin ready to face the day and cheer her Daddy on at the Hyannis Half Marathon. She's such a wonderful little lady and I am so glad that we decided to follow our guts with this whole parenting thing so we would have a chill little person instead of an over-scheduled, over-regulated Faberge egg baby. We take her everywhere and expose her to lots of different experiences and people and atmospheres and she's just such a happy, healthy little trooper because of it. She has napped in so many loud, hectic, bizarre places and nursed just about everywhere you can think of and is always just happy to be hanging out with her parents living life in the baby lane.

So this is how people end up with six children.

Speaking of children, last night I went out sans mine to enjoy some lady time and some brass band awesomeness at the House of Blues. It was my first time out without one or the other of Matty or the baby and my first time being able to have a drink while out alone in a year. A YEAR. It was fun and uneventful in the best possible way, leading me to believe that I am starting to get this whole balance thing down. Case Manager, mommy, wife, friend, music enthusiast, celebrity chef impersonator, yogi, Mass attendee (even on Ash Wednesday at 6:45am with husband and baby in tow!). I was scared that having a baby was going to make being super busy less fun, or more stressful but really is just makes it more awesome because when I am driving home from the Cyclist's Union board meeting tonight, going over the meetings that I have tomorrow, reminding myself to buy that dress I fell in love with at Anthropologie, thinking about the FIVE weddings that we are going to attend in the span of three months and checking my friend's registry for her baby shower this weekend I will have a spot in my thoughts constantly reserved for that beaming little face that I get to kiss when I get home.

It makes my fourth cup of coffee today that much sweeter.

Happy Monday!!


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