Hell Night!

Welcome to Hell (Night)!!!
 Wednesday night Matty, Kendra, V and another couple friend attended Hell Night at East Coast Grill. I am still sweating. Like, in between my toes.
If you aren't privy to the Hell Night situation, it goes a little something like this: East Coast Grill (one of my favorite places to eat in the area) takes a couple of nights with a special menu containing the hottest food one could possible imagine putting near their face. Naturally, we have been dying to go forever but it just never seemed to materialize. Then V, being the total badass foodie friend that he is, got reservations for all of us. And then, we got a sitter. No, for reals, and it wasn't Kendra, because she was with us! Two wonderful, newlywed friends were so wonderful and came over to hang out while Maddie slept snug in our bed so Mama and Dada could shovel hot fire into our faces!
First of all, it was so fun to be out with K and V, just like old times drinking beers and being inappropriate in public. Our reservations weren't until 9:30 so we had time to get beers next door at Bukowski's, and lucky for me they had my absolute favorite pumpkin beer on draft, the Southern Tier Pumpking. So, so good and it even came in its proper glassware!
Once 9:30 rolled around it was game time! We walked into ECG and they had gone all out with decorations, red light and lots of metal blaring. It was perfect. Once I started looking over the menu I started to get all wimpy and thought about just ordering a Hell Night appetizer and then getting my old standard Mahi Mahi off the Wimp Menu, but once the waitress came to me, I grew some guts and ordered the Whole Slab Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs (4 bomb rating) and the table ordered the Russian Roulette Pork Meatballs (1 to 10 bombs). I am pretty sure I got a meatball on the low end, but there was a definite moment of fear as the heat crept up and I waited to see what would happen! The best part about East Coast Grill is that the food isn't just hot for the sake of being hot; it is all delicious and full of flavors and spices so you actually want to enjoy the blazing fire in your mouth.
Trying not to cry on my ribs.
I was definitely not a badass and only got four or so ribs in me before I had to sit back and dab ice on my tongue while I got the chills and cursed myself for not being V. V, the complete warrior of our table who HOUSED the Smoked Chicken Thigh Curry (14 bombs)  like a g'damn champ. I have done a lot of eating with V, in a lot of places (NOLA, Vegas) but this was the first time I had ever seen him look uncomfortable. It was intense! But he did it and got his shirt and cheers, and the rest of us got to put ice on our tongues and laugh and just have an awesome time. The best part of the meal was definitely the pumpkin pie ice cream; it was spicy but the chunks of pie and cool creamy aspect of it made it the perfect ending to a sizzling evening!
I can now say that I have gone and I definitely recommend it!

Next up, our trip to the Wellfleet Oysterfest this weekend!

Your friend in food, XoXo


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