Happy Monday (blergh).

Yet again, the weekend went by much too fast; boo!

We were in Brooklyn Saturday to Sunday so that I could throw my sis-in-law and her due-date buddy a baby shower, then all of the sudden it was Monday again. How does that keep happening?
We had a lot of fun in NY, as we always do when we are there. I really love Brooklyn and walking around, finding places to eat and shop just seem to come so incredibly easy when we are there. The neighborhoods are so kiddo friendly and I never feel like a jerk for wearing my baby into the hip spots, even the bars.
The Brooklyn sunset, captured by Matty on our walk around Carroll Gardens trying to get Maddie to nap.
We stayed the night at the Fairfield Inn in Brooklyn and it was really, really swanky. It was done up very boutique hotel style, had incredibly comfortable beds (to me and Maddie, at least) and there is a roof deck with views of Brooklyn and Manhattan. I had thought about the prospect of trying to go out with my hubs since we had family around to watch Maddie, but I ended up being super happy relaxing in the room and getting an awesome night's sleep thanks to a certain little someone who gave her mama a 6 hour stretch of snoozing (!!!). Sunday before we headed back home we brunched at Seersucker; we have been and enjoyed before and this time I devoured their special, which was chocolate croissant french toast with bourbon maple syrup. It was absolutely as delicious as it sounds, and my only regret is not ordering two.

This week is mildly nuts but on Friday my dear dear dear friend Bridget and her awesome kiddo will be in Boston for a visit. I spent the better part of Friday getting their visit planned and prepped and I just cannot wait to see them! I love when people visit during the Fall because it gives me an excuse to go to Salem and be a tourist in all the Halloween festivities. There is a big Halloween celebration on Castle Island that we are going to check out too; having kids as an excuse to do these things is kind of the best! Maddie has her little Halloween costume and I am so excited to put her in it and take a million pictures.
I need more pumpkin things before Halloween passes!
I just got Maddie's birthday invitations all ordered and ready to print...um, when did my tiny little baby get old enough to have her first birthday?!?! It is going to be really fun and I have found all of the perfect decorations and have a great menu planned. Obviously she won't remember it, but it will be fun for her to look back at pictures someday and see how much fun her mama had planning it, right? More so it is a great way to get all of our friends over to celebrate making it through our first year of parenthood relatively unscathed and to get to thank everyone for all of their love, support, advice and hand me downs that have allowed us to do this crazy thing they call child rearing. Did I mention that the party is Sophie the Giraffe themed? Best of all, I get to make it all Parisian themed, and then I get to do it again when she is older with a Madeline party; I guess I should hold onto the Eiffel Tower centerpiece!

Things I am looking forward to this week:
  • Ladies night with my munchkin tonight; Matty has been working late on Mondays so Madeleine and I have a little dinner together, read some books and snuggle away the Monday together.
  • YOGA! I have not been able to go for WAY to long and I feel it in my muscles, my head, my everything. I cannot wait to go on Tuesday and I hope I can get Bridget to go with me Saturday while Matty and the kids get pancakes made :)
  •  Meeting with a financial planner on Wednesday. It is going to be a harsh reality but we really need to figure out how to free up our cash flow, get this debt down and start saving.
  • Thursday dinner at Jane's, because it is what I look forward to every week, if nothing else!
Someone had penne for the first time last night!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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