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My last post was a little on the sad side, because I was a lot on the sad side, but it appears that things are looking up. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends for being you and supporting me and the family through our hard times. Y'all are the best. Here is what else I have been up to, just so you know that I am still breathing and allowing things to pass into the next phase of life.

This face is quite possible the cure for all sadness.
Watching: Matty and I have been trying so, so hard to get our DVR to less than 70%m but every time we are almost there something else replaces it! I am so far behind on Boardwalk Empire and Dexter, and don't even get me started on the Thursday night shows. And now all I want to do is record Christmas movies and anything that has stop animation. Thank goodness for upcoming days off during the holidays so we can knock some of this out while Maddie snoozes (fingers crossed).

Listening To: I just made the most awesome playlist for my runs that I like to call the "white trash remix"; nothing like Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Metallica to get me through those cold, dark runs and keep my speed up! I started my official training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Monday so I am going to be logging more miles than ever and need to keep my playlist interesting.

Planning: Ugh, my life. So much has been going on with our work/home life scheduling and trying to get everything taken care of has been in completely, utterly, exhausting. I am hopeful that things are about to get squared away but I am seriously in need of a break from all of it.

Thinking About: How truly, truly great my marriage is. I really value my husband and all that he brings to my life: joy, laughter, consistency, support and half of the genes that made the most beautiful child I have ever seen. We have become so great at working through tough times and hard decisions together and I feel really thankful that Madeleine gets to grow up witnessing a healthy, loving relationship and will hopefully use that as the reference point for her friendships and future relationships. This is something that I really, really lacked when I was growing up and I think it may have saved me some serious problems with friendships and relationships had I known better how people should treat each other.

Reading: I just finished Bringing Up Bebe, which was pretty interesting. The French do a lot of cool things with their kids with regards to eating and socializing them and there are some points that I will definitely apply to my own parenting style. There are also some things that are very much not my style, but c'est la vie!
Now I am reading Peace is Every Breath, which is about mindfullness and incorporating meditation into your every day activities; there is even a meditation to do while you brush your teeth! I really, really want to be better about living in and enjoying each moment and this book has been helping me see some moments I can fit that mind-clearing time into.

Making Me Happy: VANITY ALERT! Honestly, the fact that my size 8s are starting to get a little too loose is making me feel damn good. I weigh less now than I have since...ever and it has all been done through running and yoga and breastfeeding. Now excuse me while I toast myself with my second brownie of the day.
Oh, and we got family pictures taken by the extremely talented Allana of ARS MAGNA and I just cannot stop looking at them and smiling. Thanks Allana for making us look so good!

How about you? What is new and exciting?


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