Oh, hello 2013!

Oh hey! Remember me? I know, I know, we haven't spoken since last year. Geez, what a bad friend I am to you, my dear blog. My apologies for being so busy...and lazy...but mostly busy!

Santa came over to read Maddie a story!
Christmas and New Years came and went with a bang - my Mom was here for a week around Christmas and it was absolutely wonderful. We shopped, we ate, we had a spa day, we got a visit from Santa and Madeleine got lots of time with her Grandma. It was perfect.
New Years was also amazing - we spent it down the Cape with Jane and Kate (the PrO'Sheas!) and our friend Sondra from the Vineyard. We ate delicious nibbles for two days straight and I stayed up until 11:30! Party animal, I know.
My Mini and Me on NYE.
Then the inevitable post-holiday crash occurred and I was simultaneously glad to have normalcy and routine back while feeling the dread of the day-to-day mundane business. The good thing is, we have a toddler on our hands, so the day-to-day is, well, a day-to-day surprise! No time for the mundane! Maddie is walking, climbing, running, hugging, clapping, pointing, babbling and getting into absolutely every and anything while remaining the most adorable child I have ever set eyes on. Seriously, have you seen this kid? She is transitioning from baby cute to toddler cute in the cutest darn way!
Cutest. Cheeks. Ever.
Aside from the daily awesome that is Maddie, things at the O'Shea household are good. I have been trying to schedule less than a million things for us to do on the weekends, giving us a little more wiggle room for spontaneous adventures (the library in Copley on a Sunday with Auntie Kate - hell yes!) while also allowing for days where we hang out at home, pjs on on the playroom and dim sum being made in the kitchen.

Dim Sum a la Matty.
Just another day raising a daredevil.
Stefanie-wise I am less than four weeks out from my first half marathon and officially hit my double digit long run last weekend. I have finally started to find that point where I go from thinking intensely about the fact that I am running to that feeling of clarity where it is just me, my music and the open road. Dare I say I am really starting to enjoy it? And when I don't I start thinking about all those pounds that I have lost and the hot mama I am going to be at the pool in Florida in February. Vanity is like a burst of energy for me, almost akin to a nitro pack...if a nitro pack was a sweaty mess with snow on her face.
In addition to all of this,  I actually have time to hang out with my friends, spend time with my husband sans baby (thank you Jane and 7:30pm magic shut off switch on Maddie!) but I have neglected my poor blog, which I am recommitting myself to, if only for the sake of documenting this crazy, awesome life we have so I can look back someday and wonder how the hell I managed to do all of this.

That is all for today; I feel so much better now that we have caught up!


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