Wishing for 8 Days a Week

Fish at the pediatrician's office! We need some of these.
No, not the Beatle's song, though I do like that song, especially as it relates to a cute story about my husband and his father's awesome storytelling that resulted in little Matt O'Shea explaining that England has 8 days in a week due to Greenwich Mean Time. Ah, I cannot wait for Maddie to start being fooled by her Papa's elaborate stories.

I want eight days a week because seven is just not enough anymore - not even close, actually. Between work time, family time, personal time, friend time and the most overlooked, sleep time I just really want one more day to have time to do more of it (especially that last one).

A typical weekday has me up at 5am and out the door for a run, back to hang out with Maddie and have breakfast and play and watch Sesame Street, then it is off to work while Maddie and her nanny go on awesome adventures. I get home, we cook and play and dance and have tubbie time, sometimes I go to yoga after the baby is in bed or the hubs and I hang out and watch cooking shows or hockey (!), talk about stuff, make fun plans for the future and then I attempt to get at least one page of reading in bed before I pass out anytime between 9:30 and 11.
Lounging with Mama.

Then we wash, rinse and repeat, sometimes with extra playtime or friend time or sleep time (ha!). Then we get the weekends and all the good stuff, with none of that distracting work stuff and at the end of Sunday I really just want one more day, I would even accept an extra weekday, at least then I could try and get two yoga classes in each week.

I have always had impeccable time management skills (thanks uber type a personality!) so it is not that I am not able to do all of the things I need and want to do, I mean, I even sacrifice some of my work hours to blogging and catch up on all of the celebrity gossip I missed while I slept less hours than I need :). I could eliminate things, sure, but that wouldn't be fun and the busy days are not making me unhappy in anyway. If I do start to get that sense of overwhelming-ness  I remind myself that I am super lucky that my life is so un-boring and that when we retire on a big ol' plantation in New Orleans I will have all the time in the world to be bored, with lots of cocktails in my rocking chair.

So, what is a person to do? Blog about it, thank my stars, and move on? Sounds good. Thanks for listening.

Moving on.

At the Boston Pride Parade!
Sunday at the park near our house.
This weekend we are celebrating the Number One Dad in the whole world by going to Edaville USA so Maddie can ride a real life Thomas; we are so freaking excited to see the look on her face when she realizes who she is visiting - she does this adorable little head bob dance when she sees Thomas that is the same thing she does when she hears the theme song - so cute! Then we are going to continue down the Cape to see Papa and wish him a happy daddy's day too!

This is after music class, long marathon training runs, sandpapering and painting Maddie's new table and chairs, spending some lady time with my ladies, grocery shopping and food prep for the week and all the play and naps we can fit in between, of course.

You know, the usual.

Happy Thursday (known around these parts as the best day of the week because it is family dinner night so we get the best meal of the week and get to spend the evening with Jane!)!



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