Our Christmas!

Even though this Christmas seemed to come and go at lightning speed, it was a really, really awesome one. At one point I was washing dishes and I thought to myself how awesome it was to be in our OWN home that we own forever and ever, celebrating Christmas with our little family. It was so comforting to know that next year we would be in this same home and have another little person to share in the magic of Christmas with!

We didn't do anything over the top and the focus was more on Maddie than anything else, and it was perfect. She got lots of presents from all of our wonderful family and friends and seemed so truly thankful as she opened each one up. All she asked Santa for was a giraffe that was big enough to ride one, and when she walked into the living room Christmas morning to see just that I think her little heart soared right out of her chest. She turned to me and said "Mama, is that a giraffe? For me?"; it made my heart melt as I watched her hop on with her sweet little bed head and rock back and forth. Christmas with littles is just so rad.

Matty and I tried to keep it small for each other this year since we are still trying to get caught up from the home buying experience, and I really couldn't think of anything else that I was in desperate need/want of aside from a new blender. So, I got an awesome new Ninja for all my smoothie making needs and some other sweet gifts and really had all I could have wanted. I got the mister some fancy duds and a stove top espresso maker that he is already manning like a pro. We spent the morning relaxing and watching Maddie play with her new toys and then had brunch at my AIL's with one of the besties. The only thing the day lacked was a nap, but I did a lot of laying on the couch and snuggling with that cute kiddo of mine, so it was not all a loss.

I hope you had an awesome Christmas, too! I am at work today with a pretty terrible cold but looking forward to being home this weekend and helping Maddie organize all her fun new toys.

Here are some pics from our day, as well as some from our weekend down the Cape (and ride on the Train to Christmas Town)!

Mama got new slippers and a chance to relax!
She asked me to write all her people's names on her cupcakes she made.
Find the toddler in the present pile!
Making pizza for her rocking giraffe.

Posing in PJs by the Christmas Train!
Waving at everyone outside the train.

She was so in awe of everything that night; it was awesome.
Santa! She was pretty brave and gave him a big high-five!

A winter walk on the beach.

That face, though. So. Cute.


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