5 Things I Love // 2

It's countdown to baby number two over here (I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday) and I'm in full nesting mode when I'm not making sweeping changes at work because, why would I ever make things easy for myself? We've made some awesome progress on my house to-do list (kitchen back splash and bathroom decor) but now we just have to wait until we can actually open the windows to do some painting projects. At some point we are redoing the bathroom into a double sink situation but that can wait until after the baby is here (or so my husband tells me).
So now we wait, I wash things and make extras of dinners to freeze and hope I can get things on autopilot at work for a couple months. Here's five things I'm loving lately as we hunker down and wait to meet this baby girl: 

Special time with the one who made me a Mama. As soon as I saw that positive sign on my pregnancy test and felt the thrill of getting to bring another baby into our family my thoughts immediately went to my relationship with Maddie and how a sibling would affect that. I don't have siblings and this whole things is foreign to me and I have definitely felt worry and guilt about whether Maddie will be as happy and extroverted and overall awesome. Will there be awesome benefits of having a sibling? I'm sure there will. She has a playmate and a partner in crime and someone else to take on roller coasters and maybe someday a best friend and confidante as an adult. I'll let them be who they are and decide their closeness but all I can hope now is that Maddie knows how much we adore her and have cherished these few years getting to know her.
And since that time is about to come to an end, I have been trying to make our days together as awesome as possible: little impromptu lunch dates, extra snuggles while reading our books at night and her very first sleepover at our house with her best friend.

New smoothies! This smoothie, which seriously does resemble a thin mint and this one, which is super yummy and filling for such a simple recipe. I sure do love smoothies and cannot wait for produce to be back in season so I can try some new variations.

Face primer. Despite my love of all things make-up and having tried a lot of variations of it, I have never used face primer until I started getting it in my monthly Birchbox and I feel like it has been a major game changer. It not only brightens my face but it helps my foundation stay longer (I use Bare Minerals) and I just feel super put together with it on. I don't have great skin so I have to fake it, and I feel like this really helps my face look so much better. Birchbox for the win, yet again!

New hair. I decided to lighten up and go ombre before the new baby comes and I am loving it. It is definitely a change over the last couple of years of straight brunette but I miss going lighter in the summer and am looking forward to some lovely beach blonde hair (and mostly just the beach). I am going to grab some John Freida shampoo for taking out the brassiness that I read good reviews on and hope that tones me out a little (ah the never ending cycle I go through of dark to light and dark) but because I have a super talented colorist she totally made it work for me in one try.

Postpartum thoughts. As much as I love being pregnant, I am getting pretty excited to have this baby on the other side of me, not just to meet her but to get ownership back of my body. I miss running fast and clothes shopping and bending over without makings all sorts of weird sounds. I miss sleeping on my back or stomach and wearing heels for longer than a few hours. I have already found my first half marathon and am looking at the Louisiana Marathon in January as my comeback 26.2. I am so excited to get back out on the pavement and start a true speed workout plan and OMG I JUST CANNOT WAIT TO RUN AGAIN.

Off to go to the bathroom for the thirteenth time this hour :)


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