Hey! It's me!

You may not have noticed, but I am not a professional blogger. No one is paying me or giving me things, and the only people that read this consistently are probably a handful of friends and my husband, but I still feel this huge obligation to post and get weird guilt when a  lot of time passes between posts. I guess it is because I so love to come back to this spot and look back on this life of mine and I feel like I am going to forget something if I don't write about it, much like my beloved Dear Diary of my teen years and my absurdly melodramatic travel journal from Europe. Also, I just like to write; I like to come here and put words to my feelings and experiences and put up sweet pictures of my little one for the few people that read this to look at. 
This paragraph has nothing to do with anything I am going to write about, but is also kind of an apology for not taking time to write, to my future self reading over these posts and my friends who always read and make me feel warm and fuzzy when they bring it up over brunch weeks later (thanks, ladies!). 

LIFE IS NUTS, Y'ALL. Here are five reasons why:
1. There is a baby coming into our family in like four weeks! Maybe even less! What!? I feel like I have been pregnant forever (ie, since the day we moved into our new  home which doesn't even feel that new anymore) and yet I have no idea how nine months has passed and this huge baby is living in my belly.

2. Three year olds are SO awesome. Seriously, this is by favorite age so far. Madeleine is hilarious and says the funniest things and is so incredibly smart; she can school you on seahorses and Godzilla and the proper term for any baby animal and does it so darn adorably! I love our little chats when she and her nanny pick me up from work and how she engages with me about my day and tells me stories about everything she did. She is the best and I cannot wait to see her be an awesome big sister.

3. I got a promotion! It was officially announced today but it has been a few months in the making and I am pretty excited that it is real. It has been a tough few months of hard work and not quite knowing where things would land, so this feels like an awesome accomplishment. Also, getting a director spot right as I am about to go on maternity leave makes me feel pretty bad ass; I guess I will have to give the new baby some credit as my co-worker on this project.

4. The snow might actually melt before next winter! Well, this is more a hope than a reality but I saw temps in the 50's on the extended forecast and I almost wept with joy. I am so very sick of cold and ice and snow and I cannot wait for it to be gone. I want to be outside, to feel the sunshine on my face and to not have to slalom to the train every morning more than ANYTHING. This has been a hard winter and I hope that everyone is as happy and appreciative as I plan on being once the warmer weather hits.

5. I am in super, duper nesting mode and have a few house projects that I am begging Matt to help me finish before we bring this new baby home. There are a few things that I want to do that I have had to accept will need to wait because we need things like open windows and the ability to see past my belly to do them, but I am excited to knock some things off our to-do list before the month is over and then start thinking about what we can do once I am back to work and our lives and income are a little more back to normal. 

Well, thanks for letting me catch up! Have an awesome weekend and enjoy some pics of our life lately while you are at it:
One of her Godmamas caught that at Mardi Gras!

Go B's and healthy teeth!

A day at the aquarium (hi Myrtle the Turtle!).

This kid loves sea life. 

She has gotten really good at helping me make cookies (and eating them too!)

Choo, choo! It's the dinner train!

Turtles at the EcoTarium!

This picture SLAYS me. I love her.


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