Birthday Blogging!

I woke up today as a 33 year old, which is so weird to think about because I can barely see myself as that; I still feel like a kid! But here I am with two babies and a mortgage and a great career and an upcoming five year anniversary with this amazing man who I have this incredibly adult relationship with. And I am only 33! I feel like I have accomplished so much yet there is so much I want to do before 34. Birthdays are funny like that. I think about everything I have accomplished since my last one (a healthy pregnancy and baby, a home, a promotion, another marathon) and everything I want to do next (be a better mother of two, home improvements, more success at work, another marathon). 

But here I am, in this moment, enjoying a free Starbucks looking out at the Boston Marathon finish line, a 5 week old strapped to my chest and just trying to be present; to respond to all of the lovely texts and messages from this amazing treasury of friends I have accumulated in these 33 years, to enjoy this afternoon while Maddie hangs with her beloved nanny and I can just gallivant around this city I love.

I will go home and (hopefully) catch a quick nap with my new little peanut and then get taken out to dinner by my brood. Maddie will (hopefully) sing me 'happy birthday' another few times. Life will go on as this chaotic, busy, wonderful life and tomorrow I will be another day into 33, another day to work towards all those things I want to do before 34. Another day. But today, today is my birthday and I am going to milk it and celebrate it and sing it (quietly) from the rooftops because. Just because.

I owe so many posts. Annabel's (hilarious) birth story. Thoughts on staying at home with two kids (even more not-for-me than staying at home with one). A countdown until I can run again (FOUR. MORE. DAYS). And our adventures as a family of four (so many adventures). Until then, enjoy some pics of these zany days I am calling life.

Happy day to you, even if you aren't the birthday girl.

Sleeping Beauty (as long as she is on Mama).

Home got even more awesome five weeks ago.

These two. I couldn't do it without them.

Especially this one. She is my new daily sidekick and I wouldn't trade her for anything.


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