On the Run (again).

The last time I ran a half marathon was when I was 13 weeks pregnant. 13 miles at 13 weeks! It was ironic and awesome. I had spent the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy pretty miserable, especially since I hadn't experienced sickness my first pregnancy and wasn't quite sure why my body was being so hard on me. So being able to put 13 miles in at that point felt awesome. It was one of my slowest halfs but I was proud of my body and happy to have my little running partner in my belly. 

I kept up running until about February, mostly on the treadmill because of the ridiculous snow situation in Boston. I did get some lovely outdoor running in Florida but it was on that trip that I ordered a belly band because I was experiencing some pain and need for extra support around my big bump. Once February hit it was impossible for me to run outside and really a huge undertaking to try and drive to the Y so I let myself take a break and started sleeping in and preparing for the lack of sleep I was about to experience with a newborn in my bed again. I didn't feel one bit guilty and was honest with myself about the work I'd be faced with postpartum while snuggling in for cold winter nights with my growing belly. 

Lo and behold, Annabel came a couple of weeks early and despite being a peanut of a baby, I left the hospital not too far away from my pre-pregnancy weight. On the ride home from the hospital I was already counting down the days until I could run again. A couple of weeks after having her we went to our first mama and baby yoga class and I very gently started using muscles and getting used to not having that big belly. I almost asked my OB for permission to start running again at 4 weeks but decided not to push it and start going on some long walks with Annie in the Ergo carrier to get some exercise and make sure all the snow had melted.

When my six week appointment came I was giddy with excitement and laid out an outfit for the next morning before I even went in and got my all clear (which thankfully I did!). I almost went out that afternoon but made myself wait for the next morning to get back into my routine and see if I could actually wake up at the crack of dawn for something other than nursing. I told myself I would take it easy and just try for a mile, then I made all the rookie mistakes (went out too fast, didn't bring an inhaler, etc) but I made it to 1.5 and didn't die. I was back in action!

Fast forward to today where I've got 12.5 under my belt from last weekend, a lot of hydration in my system and those awesome pre-race jitters. I'm not expecting this to be a PR and I'm still a minute over my goal pace for my next marathon but I'm here and I'm proud. Training and running can be hard for anyone and I am completely in awe of what my body has been able to do over the last 8 weeks that I've been running again. It's really hard to wake up at 5am and leave my squishy baby (who still takes many trips to the boob fountain throughout the night) and get my ass out there. Not only am I pumping at work for the time I'm away at the office but I'm also pumping once each morning for long runs and stocking up for marathon training in the fall. Hydration is no joke because if I'm not hydrated then neither is my milk supply. Last weekend I was amazed that while my body was getting me through a two hour run it was also making milk to nourish another person. Bodies are amazing! I just want to give a big HIGH FIVE to all the mama runners out there and keep thinking about how awesome it will be to have my two girls at finish lines knowing that they too can do anything they put their mind to.

So good night (even though it is still light out) and please send me and my feet happy thoughts for tomorrow! 


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