A is for...

AUGUST! Here we are half way through August and my tan is just now getting good, so here is hoping for a September that still has beach days because I am really not ready to let this summer go yet. I am now fully aware that we New Englanders make up for the horrific winters by jamming a million things into the summer months and I am officially ok with it, though my husband may say differently.

Last weekend, for example, our Sunday afternoon opened up and so we drove up to York, Maine to eat at the Goldenrod, go to the zoo and enjoy one of the most beautiful drives along the water. It was awesome and as we sat in traffic on the way home I couldn't believe that we had spent the morning at Maddie's swim class but then crossed three states and pet baby goats.

I love you, New England, even if I do say otherwise in the middle of February.

Kiddo is wearing zebra leggings too, if you can't tell.
GOATS! She was so sweet with them and I really wanted to take one home.
They rebelled and had to feed the ones on the other side of the fence too.
I was so proud of how brave and gentle she was with all the animals. 
These two are so cute together. 
Her first time on a ferris wheel and she loved it!

ANNABEL! Oh man, this sweet baby of mine, I just cannot get enough of her. I remember being pregnant and not really understanding how I would be able to love another kiddo since my heart kind of bursts with love over Maddie all the time. I knew it would happen, but I had no idea that my heart could emit all sorts of fireworks and rainbows over two kids like this. Annabel is just the zen to our chaos, the squishy to our hardness and I am head over heels for her, as is her big sister; no one gets a bigger gummy baby smile than Maddie does and my heart feels like it has pop rocks in it every time. At almost five months (!!!) she spends most of her time trying to roll over, picking things up and bringing them to her mouth (toes and her toys, but mostly her toes) and smiling at everyone. Baby girl. you complete this family of ours in a way I didn't know needed you and we love you SO MUCH.

Her 16 week photo shoot.
Picnic at MFA!
Rolling over all day every day.
Watching the monkeys at the zoo while big sister rides the paddle boats.

ANXIETY! Irony is cancelling your first appointment with your therapist in almost two years because you cannot possibly get out of the office to make it across town. Oh, boy. My anxiety monster is never truly gone, but it tends to go deeper into hibernation sometimes and right now is not that time. A lot of it is work related, not because I don't love my job but I just have a lot I want to get done and then all the sudden it is 4:00 and I am out of time. The rest is just the season, I think. Two young kids, two fast moving careers, school about to start for Maddie and Matty (and the price tag associated with that). It is a lot, but it won't be forever, and I know this, but sometimes the anxiety monster can't be bothered with rational thoughts because making my head feel like it is going to pop off is a lot more fun.

Here's to the end of the week and moving on to better letters: babies, beach time and beers.


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