Summer Reading

On Maddie's last day of school she brought home a summer reading list, and while many would recoil at another thing to get done, and over the summer no less, I jumped with joy that Maddie and I had another reason for our favorite date: going to our local library. 

The ladies and I try and go once or twice a month to stock up on new books, see what programs are going on and let Annie throw someone else's board books all over the ground, but since it is summer and dinnertimes and bedtimes aren't such a huge deal I wanted to try and make it a weekly event that just Maddie and I do together for a little one-on-one time while Annie gets some floor play and cuddles from Daddy. 

So last night Maddie put on her unicorn helmet, grabbed her scooter and off we went, stopping to say hi to some friends in the neighborhood, gawk at the ice cream truck that I wasn't prepared/stocked with cash to indulge in and chat about the life and times of my favorite four year old. We knew we wanted a book about jaguars, some poetry and a fairy tale, so it was to both of our delights when we got in and Ms. Meghan, the children's librarian extraordinaire, was in the library. Without wasting anytime she had picked out two different jaguar books for Maddie, an awesome new picture book on unicorns and not one but two poetry books ABOUT DINOSAURS. Does Ms. Meghan know her patrons or what?

We also found out that Boston Public Library is also running a summer reading program called On Your Mark, Get Set...Read that has incentives and fun activities around getting kiddos to read (or read to). We are signed up and super excited to participate and hit our goal of 5 books a week. 
As we were on our way out Maddie said thank you to Ms. Meghan and then quickly turned around, ran back and exclaimed "we love you, Ms. Meghan" and my heart burst in a million pieces because all I ever wanted was my child to have a true first love that will never break her heart. We love you, library and we cannot wait to spend lots of time with you this summer! Now, we just need to keep Maddie from conking out on the couch before story time so we can get caught up for the week!

Happy summer reading, all!
PS. I am currently trying to finish up All the Light We Cannot see (SO good) before beginning my travelling book club and the five selections I will be getting mailed to me.

All of the sudden she can ride a scooter like a pro!

That face, even if she does drive me crazy, I sure love her. 

So excited to get home and show Daddy her new books!


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