Just a Few Things

Hello! Hello? Is that an echo I hear? The sound of months gone by neglecting this space of mine?
It happens, it does, but it makes me sad every time it does, so let's just cut to the chase and get right to it!

Just a few things going on around here:

I ran the Boston Marathon, again. I did not PR, again.
It was hot, it was sunny, and it just was not meant to be what I wanted it to be, which is a bummer but also, a lesson. I never shed those extra pounds I gained after the last marathon and I never ran in anything that wasn't totally cold, so now I know to fix those things next time.
However, I cross trained a lot for the first time in my life, which meant that when I tried to pick it up and fly those last 5 miles, which I have never, ever been able to do, I did. I flew (well, as much as one does after 21 hard as hell miles). Keeping it in the tank was not in my ability range, but I guess it is now, and I am going to keep at that.
What did not change was many, many hours and miles logged with some truly amazing people and for that, I would do it all again, even slower. Nothing beats running through negative temps with someone for a few hours and actually enjoying yourself and then crossing the finish line and cheers-ing the shit out of all that hard work, no matter how long it took.

I have found work-life balance (for now).
My 6 month mark at my job is coming up and I am so thankful that I made this change. It is challenging, engaging, busy, visible and so, so satisfying. I am using parts of my brain that have been aching to have some of the spotlight and I see real, tangible evidence that my work has an impact in the world. I also reset my boundaries and can turn work off in a way that I have never been able to. I go to the gym on my lunch breaks and have me-time, I get home from work and have family-time and I put the kids to bed and have husband-time. I don't feel like I am short changing anyone right now, and although it may not last, it is a really good feeling. Especially since I also have a running club to help lead, parent council fundraising to do, a campaign to volunteer on, books to read, friends to see, cocktails to drink, and Netflix to binge watch in between those 5pm-9am hours.

My kids are insane, and I love them.
They are smart, funny, creative, huge-personality having ladies and they rock my world. Annie still sleeps in her crib (officially 7 months later than Maddie climbed on out) but that is the only time she can be contained. Maddie is giving us major glimpses of having a KID and not just a little kid, and I am ok with it (well, most of it, the 'tude is something we will work on). Big props to the people helping me raise them because this village is kicking some serious ass together, even if we do have to drink more cocktails some nights to do it.

We went to Puerto Rico for February break and Great Wolf Lodge for April break (both awesome, and both will get blogs) and now we are prepping for three weddings between WA, NY and VA this summer as well as some serious beach trips (c'mon summer!). Zoom!

Also, some pictures, because that is one thing I consistently do.
See you soon, blog, I promise.
Beers and lemonade for lunch after a long run!

Going to see Beauty and the Beast (LOVED).

This baby turned two!

This sums them up on so many levels.

Family swan boat ride for Easter!

Unicorn! Pay no attention to those un-attainable split goals on my arm.

Awesome friends know that cake is the best way to end a marathon.

Soccer season is HERE!


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