Here we go summer, here we go!

Last year I wrote a post about how we were excited for our very first summer vacation, coming down from Maddie's first year in school. Now here we are again, and the excitement is REAL. Not having to get up at the crack of dawn to get in runs, prep for work and get two tiny people fed and dressed is going to be pretty fantastic. We have a solid routine and (somehow) run like a well-oiled machine, but a break from it is super, duper welcome, especially with summer weather actually starting to show its face and the desire to stay up just a little bit later coming on strong.

We have three weddings this summer, all in different states, with one down as of last weekend that was in the beautiful finger lakes region of NY. Around that travel we will have Maddie in a couple different camps, time down the Cape and as much beach and outside time as we can get. Add in some Thursday night fun runs with my running club, track nights for Maddie and a few day trips around New England and this summer should be a pretty solid few months for the O'Sheas!

Each year we make a little list of where we want to go or what we want to experience this summer and most everything is local: the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, hiking in the White Mountains, finally seeing the Thomas theme park (aka the old Edaville) and Matt's usual choice of "beach, beach and more beach". Maddie is also itching to camp and, since I kind of hate nature, we are figuring that one out - though I have agreed to go and take one for the team (with the option to escape to a hotel).

Personally this summer, I am hoping to continue my good routine of getting to the gym most every work day at lunch and, since we will have more time in the mornings, increase my weekday runs a bit (or actually get up to get them in, ugh this week!). I am also going to try and bike into work at least once a week. Ever since we got a bike trailer for the girls a few weeks ago and have been taking family rides together I have been itching to ride even more, and getting to cruise down the beach for my commute sounds like a better option than the crowded train with its usually broken AC. I have no races on the  horizon aside from a 5k, which is a strange feeling, but my eyes are set on the Louisiana Marathon for January so we shall see how this summer goes and where life takes us to see if I can make that happen. For now I am just working on all this lovely cross training and keeping myself at a good baseline for mileage, and maybe still trying to work off those extra pounds from after Boston 2015 that never seemed to go away!

Here's to 71 degrees and no rain (yet, anyways) and the countdown to summah!

Bike trailer FTW!
We sure love you, Sullivan's.

Annie's best day ever on the trolley during the Memorial Day parade!

Super Annie!

Waterfall hike in NY!

Cannot wait for so much more hiking and sunshine.

One beautiful wedding down, two to go!


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