Lists! The Lists!

Okay, so I have been a total slacker with the lists, and wasn't it my idea? Geesh! Here are some lists I have been keeping in my head.

Things I want to learn how to do in the next year (or so):
  • Knit, even just easy stitches, I want to knit a scarf or a blanket or something square!
  • Talk about wine, in a real way, not just the lingo I learned from the movies
  • Quilt, so that I can make the tee shirt quilt I have been talking about for a year
Big goals for 2011:
  • Move to a much bigger apartment where we can have a dog and a baby and maybe even another baby before we start to feel cramped
  • Go to Ireland (May 2011 or bust!)
  • Move up in my organization
  • Be a Big Sister or something similar for a child
Okay, now I feel better. What are some things that you are working towards? What do you want to learn how to do?


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