New Year, Baby!!

Why hello there! And a very happy 2011! I hope that everyone had a safe, peaceful and joyous holiday season; I know I sure did. Christmas minus the gifts plus the massive hang out time was a pure success; we were able to share many meals and talks and drinks with most of the people that we love, and thanks to the "great snowstorm of 2010" we even got extra time with Megan and Julian. Score! New Years was a great time spent with the people that we love the most (and a new found vice of mine called whipped cream flavored vodka). We had Amy, Kendra and Suad over for the evening, and Dave and his lady made a cameo, and we drank and laughed and (everyone but my passed out self) rang in the new year with a bang...well it was more like Kendra and Matty realizing what time it was and apparently Matty did this amazing dance which I missed out on, but still, it was an epic time. The next day we had guests in and out to visit all morning and afternoon, we ate red velvet pancakes and took care of that hangover the only way we learn how to in Reno: with Johnny Cash and more alcohol.
And then, the next day, it was officially the 2nd day of 2011 and it was time to get the show on the road...or at least down the Cape to see the Sarge, Sheila and Wally the cross eyed rottweiler for some quality (sober) family time. Then I woke up Monday morning with a new schedule: gym in the morning and home after work, instead of sleep too late and almost miss the bus in the morning and begrudgingly give up time with Matty in the evenings to go to the gym. This is all possible thanks to the new and re-located Healthworks, their free towel service, and an awesome app called Catch the Bus that tells me exactly when the 66 will be there to pick me up and take me right to the front door of the gym. All of this means that I am now on week two of getting up at 5 and getting to the gym and then getting to go home at the dark hour of 4:30, guilt free and feeling fit!
Well, that isn't entirely true, at least not yet. Feeling fit is about the opposite of how I feel right now. In place of my svelte (and hard-worked for) figure in all those wedding pics, I now have an extra 15 or so post-wedding (and awesomely food-filled honeymoon/holiday) pounds which I am very, very determined to lose. And this time, it isn't to fit into a dress or look good for swimsuit season (though those will be great side effects), no, loyal readers, this isn't all about me, this is about having a baby.
You read it hear first folks, the time has come to get ready for procreating! The time for Matty and I to take all of this love and joy and passion and make a little us. Now, before you get your hopes entirely up (Mom, stop jumping up and down and keep reading, please) this isn't going to start now. In true Stefanie fashion, I want to be as prepared and read up and ready as one can possibly be for such an ultimate life changer, and this is coming in the form of checking these items off of my to-do list:
  • Lose those 15 post-wedding pounds (and a few more, for wiggle room)
  • Get our well planned budget calendar back on track
  • Make sure that baby gets made late enough that we can move out of Allston before baby comes along (which means, no baby on board until at least the Spring)
There are of course a few other bucket list items that I hope to cross out before there are three of us (or four, wouldn't that be fun) but a good friend (and great father of three boys) once advised that you can never really be ready, and that once it happens, you just make it happen the best way you know how. Of course, my type-A personality can never truly allow myself that fate, but as with everything, we are going to do this our way, and we know that is definitely the best way for us.
I am looking forward to sharing these adventures here and in person with everyone, as well as all of the other adventures in our life right now (our recent trip to NY, Matty running the marathon, my upcoming Reno trip in February). But for now, let's all take a moment of silence for the upcoming joyous period we are about to embark on...and those 9 long months without any whipped cream flavored vodka.

Happy 01/11/11!!

Mrs. O'Shea


sarah chester said…
Congrats! This is really exciting! Let me know what you think of that movie. It should definitely keep the baby fever going!

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