Winter Wish Listing

I feel like I have been home a lot lately. Like, way more than usual. It probably has a lot to do with the mass amounts of snow that we have been getting and the hibernation mode that puts me in as well as the fact that I have been going to the gym in the morning now, so I get to come straight home, which is awesome. This is going to be the last winter in this apartment, which of course has been making me stare at the walls and daydream about our new apartment, and I have decided that there are only a few things that I want that I don't have now:

One or two of these little buggers would make me very happy, maybe just one since they are 85 pounds. Did I mention that they can climb trees?? So cool!
I miss having a bedroom closet. I have a wardrobe, which I love, but I also have a serious addiction to clothes...and shoes...and jackets...and having an equally fashionable husband. Not having the storage space just plain sucks, and I refuse to live without a closet anymore!!! I want more clothes!! End drama.
A porch! It doesn't even have to be so big and airy and tree lined, but it has been weird to be five floors up and be totally unable to get outside, even just to sit and look at the sky. Now don't get me wrong, a big porch would be lovely, and a BBQ and table and chairs even more so, but just a little spot to hang out, drink a beer and get some air would be more than sufficient.
I would also like one (or six) of these. This is Matty when he was a brand new baby; wasn't he adorable! I know he might kill me for posting this, but I get to have little babies that look like this! So cute! Swoon.

So that is my new apartment wish list. Oh, and there are a couple of things that I want to keep from the old apartment, it just isn't home without them:
Mrs. Stefanie O'Shea


Megan said…
Where'd the Matthew photo come from? I don't think I've ever seen that one before!
Stefanie said…
It's from the huge box of random pictures that your Dad has! The same batch where I found all the great little-you pictures, including hula girl and bubble bath Megan.
gardenbaby said…
Dearest- just buy a house! porch, yard, dogs and kids, closet space-- we're talking the suburbs. xoxoxox
Beak Wilder said…
Real men keep their photographs randomly scattered in a box. Never fails.

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